The following deed transfers were recorded from March 26 to March 30 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Dennis R. Pinette and Megan C. Pinette to Steven J. Hintz and Tina M. Marlowe.

Tarratine Tribe No. 13 Improved Order of Red Men to Thomas Riley Anderson and Deirdre Pontbriand.

Chesapeake Holdings Springbrook LLC. to Lisa T. Whitney.

Chesapeake Holdings Springbrook LLC. to Wilma D. Moore.


Jeri Genereux and Jeri E. Shaw to Ricky Dean Shaw.

Luke M. Goodblood and Anne M. Goodblood to Maegan E. Goodblood and Joshua A. Trask.

Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union to Jens Peill-Meininghaus and Jessica M. Peill-Meininghaus.


Travis Graves, Tabitha Dudley and Anthony W.  McKay HRS to Samantha M. McKay.


Luhn/Powers – Luhn Family Trust to Freedom Falls LLC.

Jack Valles to Haig F. Brochu.


William Chanler Bohn Est. to Peter Willoughby Bohn.

Lewis K. Hathaway, Edith L. Hathaway and Jonathan H. Hathaway to A. Lee Fentress and Diane Morton Fentress.


Kathy J. Lawrence to Bret T. Lowe.


D. Joshua Carpenter to John B. Carpenter and Judith P. Carpenter.


Philip W. Moody and Karen L. Moody to Camden Land & Water Inc.

Richard D. Howes to Forrest H. McKenney Est. and Gladys B. McKenney.

Heath D. Commeau and Samantha M. Hibbard to Forest H. McKenney Est. and Gladys B. McKenney.

Forest H. McKenney Est. to Gladys B. McKenney.

Gladys B. McKenney to Jacob A. Feener.

Maine State Housing Authority to United States of America – VA.


Gary English to Benjamin R. English.


Jonathan W. Fenner and Samantha J. Fenner to Theresa Fischer.


Robert H. Schwarzmann to Robert H. Schwarzmann Trust.

James Nealey and Babette Nealey to Jason Jones.


Timothy Scott Turner to Timothy Scott Turner and Catherine A. Turner.


Robert F. Dugas to Mary E. Theobald.

Arthur P. Fairbrother Sr. and Gloria Fairbrother to Nicole V. Dyer.


Resi Whole Loan VI LLC. to Kyle Gibbs and Kathryn A. Gibbs.


Jane C. Whitten Est. to Richard H. Whitten.

Jane C. Whitten Est. to Jane Whitten Education Trust.

Jane C. Whitten Est. to Jane Whitten Education Trust.

John Seidl and Sheila Seidl to Robbins & Pomeroy Land Development Inc.

Stockton Springs

Rodney C. Merrithew to Rodney C. Merrithew.


June L. Roberts and Karen Ryder to Scott C. Varney.

Town of Swanville to Clyde Peak.


Robert Allen Vickery to Richard J. Jeannette and Lisa A. Jeannette.


Karen A. Van Knapp to Gretel L. Clarke.

Plum Creek Maine Timberlands LLC and SDW Timber II LLC. to Sebasticook Regional Land Trust.

Madeline D. Stevenson to Madeline D. Stevenson Living Trust.


Jamie D. Brundrett and Michelle A. Brundrett to Benjamin M. Drouin and Jennifer T. Drouin.

Dana C. Grass and Coralee H. Grass to Thomas C. Darrow and Yumi N. Darrow.

Duane C. Damon and Shizue A. Damon to Deborah L. Norris.

Eleanor B. Johansen to Jon Benjamin Johansen and Ann Johansen.

Robert E. Lanphier Jr. and Barbara Lanphier to Robert E. Lanhier Jr., Barbara Lanphier and Steven Gaboury.