A local man was arrested Wednesday night after he allegedly went to a woman’s residence and assaulted her and a male who was also present at the home.

Scott Hall, 24, of Searsmont was arrested the night of April 4 on one charge of domestic assault and one charge of simple assault following a series of incidents that Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden said began with threatening phone calls from Hall to the female.

McFadden said Hall had told the woman he would come to the home and take her children, and at that point the woman called police.

“The officers got to the scene moments after Mr. Hall got there,” said McFadden.

But in that relatively short period of time, McFadden said Hall was able to do some damage.

Hall reportedly arrived at the home, kicked the door in and entered the residence. Once inside Hall encountered a male who was there with the woman, and Hall allegedly assaulted him. He then assaulted the woman, according to McFadden.

McFadden said two young children were in the residence at the time but they were not hurt. The man and the woman who Hall allegedly assaulted did not require medical attention, the chief said.

After the responding officer, Sgt. John Gibbs, interviewed Hall, Hall was arrested and transported to Waldo County Jail.

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