A local man who police removed from the emergency room at Waldo County General Hospital for alleged unruly behavior — including an instance where he raised his cane at an officer in a threatening way — collapsed in front of the facility within minutes of being escorted out of the building.

Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden said police received a report of a man who was being disruptive at the Waldo County General Hospital emergency room Thursday morning. Hospital staff asked that the man be removed from the premises, McFadden said, because he was yelling at the staff and allegedly damaged some items in the ER.

“There were some medical supplies that were set up on a shelf, and he had knocked all of that stuff off,” said McFadden. “The cubicle that the person was working in was just a wreck, there was stuff everywhere.”

McFadden said the local man did not injure anyone at the hospital, but when he was asked to leave he raised his cane at an officer as he was leaving the building.

“He was warned about that, and then he left without incident,” McFadden said.

After the man walked out of the building, McFadden said he made it as far as the lawn between the parking lot and Northport Avenue before he collapsed.

At that point Officers Brian Lunt and Eric Kelley ran over to the man and began administering CPR, and McFadden said the officers also used an Automated External Defibrillator to get the man’s heart beating again. McFadden said hospital staff, including an ER doctor and several member of the hospital’s code team, came outside to assist the officers. From there, the man was placed on a stretcher and rushed back into the hospital.

McFadden said before the man was asked to leave WCGH, doctors had run several tests but could not see anything medically wrong with him and there was no indication that his life was in danger.

As of Thursday afternoon, McFadden said the man was being transported via LifeFlight to either Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor or Maine Medical Center in Portland, and was unsure of the man’s prognosis.

McFadden did not identify the man because he was experiencing a medical issue.

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