Children ages 7-12 may try out for the 2012 youth baseball season  — switched this year from Little League to Cal Ripken — on Saturday, April 7.

Youngsters ages 8-12 interested in joining a Major League team must try out if they are not already a member of a team. Tryouts will be 9 a.m. to noon in the Belfast Area High School gymnasium.

If weather allows, tryouts will be at Walsh Field.

Players ages 9-12 must try out, but those age 8 will not be required to try out for membership on a major league team and may instead play on a Minor League team.

In order to be placed on a Major League team, players must attend 50 percent of the league tryouts (the first tryouts were March 31). Players who miss both tryout dates may still be permitted to join a major league team, but he or she must provide a written reason for not attending tryouts and team placement will be subject to approval from the league board.

League organizers note that children who do not make a Major League team will be placed on a Minor League team, and 12-year-old players will not automatically be placed on the major league roster. All 12-year-old players must try out and if they are not drafted they will be placed on a Minor League team.

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