In an effort to raise student aspirations at Belfast Area High School, the staff has instituted a “Student of the Month” program. This program will recognize a boy and a girl at each grade level based on teacher nominations.

The CORE Mission Statement of the school will provide the criteria for selection: a clear and effective communicator, a self-directed and life-long learner, a creative and practical problem solver, a responsible and involved citizen, a collaborative and quality worker, and an integrative and informative thinker.

The students receive a T-shirt, a certificate of recognition, and enjoy a pizza luncheon with the principal. Additionally, each student will have his or her picture prominently displayed in the school lobby and on the school’s web site.

The March BAHS Students of the Month are:

Grade 9: Audrey Lightner and Matt Smith

Grade 10: Lacee Durkee and Curtis Warren

Grade 11: Kaylee Pickering and Peter Kelley

Grade 12: Courtney Rumney and Taylor Peabody