Centennial thanks


The Colonial Theatre celebrated its 100 years of operation last Thursday. We had a lot of help.


Thank you to the entire extended Grant family for their attendance (ran the theatre for 50 years!) and to Katie Winship who created “The John Grant Era at The Colonial Theatre” documentary which will be seen on TV2 and available at the Colonial or Belfast Library. Thank you to our eloquent speakers including writer and historian Jay Davis, Belfast Creative Coalition coordinator for the arts Kimberly Callas, Belfast Poet Laureate Jacob Fricke, Our Town Belfast executive director Dorothy Havey, and for the splendid words and finely attuned plaque unveiling by Mayor Walter Ash.


We had an onslaught of cakes provided by Katie King, Bonnie Pierce, Jackie Daniello, Pam Daniello, Karen Bailey, Billie Jo Dunbar, Barb MacLemman, and Joe Slocum. They were all unique, wonderful, and the hordes did not leave a crumb behind! Thank you bakers!


David Ruberti provided the old photo of Belfast kids at the movies and hopes everyone will help identify who was there that day.


The 100th anniversary quilt made with photo images and real 35 mm film was made by Sissie White and will remain on exhibit.


Charlie Chaplin figure was created more than 40 years ago for a film production and is on loan by Willy Reddick.


Many people came dressed in period garb or outlandish creations made with film and other accoutrements: thank you for your gilded poise, sense of adventure and joie de vivre.


During the year we have many, many volunteers who help run the doors and a myriad other tasks: during the celebration we were fortunate to be assisted by the cheerful and generous Kathy Quinn, David Smith and Bonnie Dalton.


As we thanked everyone who had made The Colonial Theatre a success over the last century we did not say nearly enough about the employees. We have always had a great and dedicated staff and have been blessed with hard working people who have always done their best to create a great trip to the movies for you. Some like Jon Tibbets have been there a long time (25 years!) and others are still finding their way around. It takes a team to run a theater nearly every day for 100 years: thank you to everyone who has sold tickets, run the concession stand, projected film and cleaned carpet stains!


Lastly, we estimate some tens of millions of people have passed through the doors of The Colonial Theatre over the last 100 years. Allowing you to suspend disbelief and be taken away on a story told in image and sound is what we do. But without you in the seat, it would not be possible. Thank you for all your support over the last hundred years. We’ll see you at the movies!


Therese Bagnardi

Michael Hurley




Well done


To all those who had a part in bringing back The Republican Journal – well done!


Sue Blais




Congratulations on 10 years


The Festival of Art, sponsored by Senior College at Belfast and the UMaine Hutchinson Center, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Those who plan and organize this event each year are all volunteers, most from Senior College, and some are local artists who take time from their busy lives to offer their experience and expertise to insure its success.


The Festival of Art, its second year, was chaired by Elizabeth Hieronymous, who thought it would be a wonderful way for Senior College and the Hutchinson Center to say “thank you” to the midcoast communities for their support. She and a handful of energetic and inexhaustible volunteers planned every detail of this opportunity for artists, 50 years of age and older, to show their work, and for the general public to view the exhibit, participate in the workshops, and enjoy a presentation by a well-known guest in the art field. All of this at no cost to the artists or the public. She passed on the leadership for this event after a few years to Dorothy Alling, and fortunately, those who took the reins from Elizabeth showed the same dedication, enthusiasm and excitement for the project. After three years as chair, Dorothy grabbed Cathy Bradbury, who continues to co-chair the event with her.


The event has grown in size since its inception 10 years ago. The number of artists showing their work has more than doubled. Plus, the number of people who come to view the exhibit has tripled! Last year 170 artists were featured, and more than 1,400 people attended. Two years ago, a special exhibit of RSU 20 student art was added to the show in a designated area. This is organized by the University of Maine Hutchinson Center and teachers from RSU 20. The work by these young artists is truly exceptional.


So, congratulations to all involved on a job well done for the past 10 years, and for an event we hope will continue to help build relationships between communities and our two organizations! We could not have done it without the support from the community and the artists and our volunteers.


This year’s Festival of Art begins with a reception Thursday, May 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. and continues through Sunday, May 13.


Dorothy Alling and Cathy Bradbury

Co-chairs of Senior College Festival of Art