April 9, the RSU 3 Board of Directors passed the proposed 2012-13 school budget in the total amount of $19,219,500. The proposed budget represents a zero percent increase on expenditures from the 2011-12 budget; however, due to a loss of federal and state revenues and an increasing municipal minimum mil expectation this budget represents an overall increase of $453,149 or 7.3 percent to the taxpayers of RSU 3.

Since the 2006-2007 school year, the RSU 3 Board of Directors has been able to either decrease of hold flat its overall expenditure budget. During those same years, decreasing revenue streams and increased costs of operation have forced the RSU 3 Board of Directors to cut on average $700,000 per year in order to hold these expenditures down and to minimize negative impacts to taxpayers. This year, the board was able to cut expenditures to the tune of $700,600 in order to hold the line, but due to the dramatic loss of federal and state dollars it could not reduce the burden to taxpayers any more without jeopardizing programming for students.

The RSU 3 Board of Directors did not make these cuts lightly. The board agonized over these potential cuts for many meetings. In the end, the proposed 2012-13 budget has the following reductions:

  • .5 elementary PE teacher
  • 2 elementary classroom teachers
  • .5 Read 180 teacher
  • .5 Read 180 Ed. Tech. III
  • .5 French teacher
  • 1 elementary guidance counselor
  • .5 library/media Ed. Tech. III
  • Reduced hours for high school secretary
  • 1 elementary building principal

In addition to these position cuts, the RSU 3 Board of Directors voted to move to a single bus run for the 2012-13 school year, saving the district approximately $140,000.

In order to minimize potential negative impact to students, the following items were added to the RSU 3 Budget:

  • Lead teacher stipends (at Troy and Walker Elementary schools)
  • Regular Ed. Tech. III at the elementary level
  • After school late bus was reinstated
  • 1:1 laptops for freshman (year one of a four-year phase in)

In spite of these challenges, RSU 3 will continue to provide quality programs for children. They will continue to focus on priority areas of Literacy/Math Instruction, as well as working towards the creation of a proficiency based system of education that is focused on the individualized needs of each student.

For more information on RSU 3, visit msad3.org.