All of a sudden, I was given the opportunity to write a guest column. So I jumped!

Right away I knew what I wanted to write about: “Politics of Hate.” I scribbled notes, quickly opened a new file and typed a mile a minute on my keyboard.

“We have been watching vicious campaign ads this season, and they’re going to get worse and more numerous, looking ahead.”

Aha! And I was just getting started.

“Now more than ever, new rules have unleashed more money pouring into these hate campaigns. Some of the many ads we will soon see are not going to promote an individual candidate, but to encourage disgust for the President of the United States. The premise uses love for our country to justify these political hate campaigns.”

Then I had to deal with my personal issues:

“Result? I wind up writing about my hate, my frustration, my disgust. Is that what free speech is about these days? Well, actually, in terms of ad campaigns, I’m talking about paid speech. And no limits on spending…”

There was a rush to the finish line, and with but a few minutes till deadline, I ran to Mary to ask her to do a quick proof-and-copy (proofreading and copyediting) of the essay.

“What’s so funny?”


“Well, usually you write funny stuff. What’s so funny about this?”

Not a thing. What good would it do? Not even worth a smirk. Without much further thought, I scrapped the article and took a walk.

Alas the sun was too bright too early in springtime. I got an idea. Why not teach and preach what I had just learned by experience?!

Ahem. Okay. Calm down. Relax. Hate doesn’t help. Don’t let hate trigger your/my hate!

Lesson for one and all, in my opinion, — or, actually, in my opinion column — it is more fun to laugh than to scream.

This was the time, I said to myself, that I must stand up to this challenge and redefine my basic principles!

What/who is not funny?

  • Global Warming
  • Doomsday 2012
  • Rush Limbaugh

What/who is funny?

  • Hot in Cleveland
  • George Costanza
  • George’s parents

But wait a minute. What about a profound theme? Okay, okay, olé olé — I got it! Are you ready?

We all must now champion the challenge of adding Humor to the Bill of Rights! (Just sign on the dotted line…)

Fritz Lyon is a resident of Belfast.