The In Town Design Review Committee approved the construction of a pergola at the Front Street Pub, which requires final approval from the Planning and Zoning Board.

The owners of Front Street Pub, located at 37 Front St., are looking at building the pergola — a shaded garden terrace consisting of vertical support posts and cross-beams, which can be covered in vines — would replace the existing awning over the main entrance and provide shade for the restaurant’s deck, which is located along the front of the building.

“We want the area to look beautiful because it isn’t very beautiful right now,” Co-Owner Catherine Loblein said.

Co-Owner Tina DelSantos added the pergola could be covered in lights as well as plants, which would provide a nicer atmosphere for patrons of the restaurant who are outside on the deck.

Committee Member Roy Rodgers questioned what materials would be used to construct the pergola. Loblein said it would be constructed using pressure treated wood to remain consistent with the material used for the deck.

In addition to the pergola, DelSantos and Loblein also requested permission to construct a small garden box made from railroad ties. The garden was originally going to be located at the end of the ramp leading into the restaurant but City Planner Wayne Marshall said it would have to be relocated next to the ramp.

“Front Street is not a consistent right-of-way and we looked at survey maps from the 1800s to determine the right-of-way but it just isn’t consistent,” Marshall said.

Marshall also noted the pergola was a significantly stripped-down project from what DelSantos and Loblein originally proposed.

“They wanted to do a roof deck but this was more practical for their budget for trying to get up and operational again,” Marshall said. “They are also making improvements to the interior of the building, which you don’t see here.”

The pergola and garden box were approved after a few suggestions from committee members including doubling up supports for the pergola to make it stronger and making sure there is adequate lighting outside the restaurant.

The proposed pergola and garden box project is expected by be addressed by the Planning Board April 25 for final approval.

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