Police responded to a report of a suspicious suitcase at EBS Building Supplies, located at 30 Belmont Ave., Thursday, April 26, at noon.

Officer Wendall Ward said the suitcase was originally found next to a parking space in front of the store and relocated by an EBS employee to a spot near the building’s side entrance. Ward said the suitcase was full of old guitar cords and other items when he opened it.

“We don’t get many calls of this nature. I think the last one was an incident where a kid had made a ceramic doughnut that said ‘bad cop, no donut’ and it was left in a box,” he said. “I was really certain the suitcase wasn’t dangerous because the employees had already moved it, so I knew it wasn’t motion detector rigged or anything.”

He said the suitcase was most likely left behind by accident when the owner set it down in the parking lot and drove away. The suitcase was sitting outside EBS for two days before it was reported, Ward said, and the store never received any calls making demands.

“There were no calls for demands, which would typically happen in that situation,” Ward said. “Apparently it was just left there for awhile.”

Robert Veilleux, a manager at EBS, said he thought the suitcase had been outside the business for about a day. He said staff weren’t concerned it could be dangerous. However, he noted he couldn’t recall any similar incidents occurring in the past.