Advertising executive Pam Schultz has been in the local newspaper scene for more than 25 years, and in that time she’s done a little bit of everything.

Schultz, a resident of Appleton, began her career at the Courier-Gazette in 1985.

“I worked in the darkroom and I took photos,” said Schultz, who earned recognition from the Maine Press Association for her photographic talents.

From there, Schultz went on to the paste-up department, and eventually moved into the role of scanning the many printed photos that were produced in the darkroom each week.

“I did that for years,” she said.

When the Waldo County Citizen hit newsstands in the Belfast area in 2004, Schultz brought her graphic designs skills to the table, creating the unique front-page for what became the third player in what was then a two-newspaper community.

Her flair for page design earned Schultz another first place honor from MPA, but just before VillageSoup bought out the existing local competitors, The Republican Journal and The Waldo Independent, Schultz was asked to try her hand at sales.

Schultz has served in that capacity for the last four years, first under VillageSoup, and now under the new owners of The Republican Journal, Courier Publications, LLC.

“I like my customers, and I like the businesses up here,” said Schultz. “The people here treat me really well, and they’re really fun to talk to.”

Some of her clients, Schultz said, have become friends as well.

In her spare time, Schultz said her horse-related hobby keeps her busy. She and her horse, Fibber, are mainstays in the area horse show circuit, competing in Maine Horse Association-sponsored shows as well as many others, both in and out of state.

Schultz enjoys driving motorcycles as well as horses, although not at the same time.