Police have charged a Washington woman with theft and four counts of forgery after she allegedly stole checks from a Belmont man and used them to pay off $750 worth of personal debt.

Traci Perry, 39, was summoned Friday, April 27, on the charges following a police investigation into a complaint regarding checks that were reported stolen from a Belmont residence April 9.

Waldo County Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton said Perry and the male complainant are familiar with one another, and when the man reported the checks stolen he advised police that he suspected Perry was involved.

“He said he knew she had taken the checks,” said Trafton. “He said she has a drug problem.”

Trafton said Perry did not have permission to take the checks or to write them.

When police met with Perry, Trafton said she admitted her involvement.

“She admited she took them, and cashed them, and she admitted she has an addiction problem,” said Trafton.

Perry told police she wrote out checks totaling $750 to a person with whom she had a standing debt.

Perry is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court Tuesday, June 5.