Probate Debate

My name is Aaron Fethke and I am seeking the Republican nomination for Waldo County Judge of Probate. I am an attorney and selectman in Searsport and I have focused my practice in our state and probate courts. My colleague, Belfast attorney Randy Mailloux is also seeking the nomination and we will be having a primary Judge of Probate debate this Saturday, May 19, at 1 p.m. at Searsport’s Union Hall. The event will be televised, but we hope people will come out to ask questions to learn more about what this position is all about and why we believe that it is time for a change in this office after eight years.

Anyone who has children or children in your family and who cares about what might to them if something happens; anyone who cares about what might happen to you or your property when you pass or if you become incapacitated and anyone who wants to make sure we have a judge who is prepared to make the hard decisions on these issues based on the law and our Constitution should be aware of what is happening. Anyone who cares about making sure that our liberties and rights as well as the liberties and rights of our fellow citizens’ are protected, should try and make time to see this event or contact myself or Randy to hear about what is happening in your court right now. My number is 548-0289 and my e- mail address is

All of these issues and more will be argued and dicussed at the debate. We hope you can make it, but if you can’t, we hope that you will hear about what is discussed at this event in some other way so that you can be better infomred about this particular race. Thank you and I hope to earn your vote.

Aaron Fethke


Stop bullying

I want to ask the tax payers of Regional School Unit 20 when is it okay to be bullied in the Troy Howard Middle School or any school? If the THMS is not going to do something about it then we as tax payers, parents and grandparents have to.

I am a friend of a young man that was whipped with plastic necklaces by another student at a dance at THMS.

This dance was put on by the parents/teachers organization to raise money, but the principal said it wasn’t a “school function.”

So I ask you how is it not a school function when it was at the school and put on by the teachers and parents? Stop bullying! Call your principal now!

Elizabeth Gould



Post Office closing

I am the daughter and POA for Gladys Barrett who owns the home where the Sandy Point Post Office has been located for many years. The Post Office has been on the list for closure for some time now but recent events have forced us to ask them for a suspension in using the current location.

We were informed early this year that due to the fact that she no longer “lived” at the property, the business insurance was being discontinued. I notified the USPS in early April and spent a lot of time, along with our insurance agent looking for options. The insurance company did find one company willing to grant business insurance, but its cost was almost 5K per year. I asked the USPS to cover that and was denied. My mother retired from the USPS in 2006 and was a snowbird, living with me in Florida during the winters, but due to a recent stroke is not able to return to live in Maine. We were told that it did not matter if she had a renter in the house or not, the business insurance would still be terminated effective June 2012. I was asked by the USPS to go without insurance! As property owners we cannot go without insurance and run the risk of someone falling!

I also offered to sell the USPS a small piece of land at the bottom of the driveway next to the current exterior mail boxes where they could locate a small building allowing the people of Sandy Point to keep a Post Office. I offered to let them use our existing driveway also. I also made the suggestion that perhaps the community club building on Route 1 would be an option, as it is a historical building, it would increase exposure/revenue of the Post Office being on Route 1 and would be a help to the building and the people of the community. I do not know of another Post Offices located directly on Route 1 and it might have increased revenue due to the visibility of it. I have never heard back on either of these suggestions.

Sandy Point Village has had a Post Office since 1794 making it one of the oldest in the nation. The Post Office has been a focal point for the community for many years and a huge asset to the community. It was a lifeline during the ice storm as it was the center of communication, assuring people had heat and water and that the “shut ins” were looked in on. My mother is heartbroken by this action as she enjoyed seeing the people and worked so hard to maintain the prettiest Post Office for her customers. What no one knows until now is that Gladys Barrett lost money for years and years having the Post Office there, but did it as a donation to the community. The increasing cost of energy etc. was never covered by the rent; however, it was advantageous to have people looking out for the property. We are also hoping that the USPS will realize the historical and community service of having a local Post Office and seek alternative options. We are praying that the people of Sandy Point, who we love dearly, will understand our situation.

Callie Barrett

Sandy Point


Probate debate

With the November election featuring the election of a president, a new U.S. Senator and a Congressional representative, along with a State Senator and State Representatives, why would anyone care about who is elected as the Waldo County Probate Judge?

You probably don’t unless you have needed a guardianship, wanted to change your name, pursued an adoption, settled an estate, or resolved custody issues between unwed parents in the probate court.

On Saturday, May 19, at 1 p.m., upstairs in Searsport’s Union Hall, the two Republican candidates for Waldo County Probate Judge, attorneys Randolph Mailloux of Belfast and Aaron Fethke of Searsport will hold a debate. With moderator Larry Theye leading the questioning, the two will discuss how the court would change if either of them was elected and why they think a change is needed.

There will be an opportunity for questions from the audience and well as opening and closing statements by each of the candidates.

The primary election is Tuesday, June 12. Those enrolled as Republicans will be able to vote in this race as well as unenrolled voters, who elect to become Republicans that day.

Toni Mailloux




Why doesn’t the city do something about the apartments and houses on city sewer and city water that are disgusting and trashy?

On Miller Street, the building across from the jail.

The white apartment on High Street beyond Belfast Variety and across a white single story with a lot of trash and vehicles in yard.

On Swanlake Avenue, the trailer park beyond Goose River Store on the left.

Waldo Avenue has two houses across from Marsh Road.

Why does the city allow this mess?

In Searsport on Route 1 there is a fairly new house on the left just after the Oceanfront Campground is a home that, I do believe, has city sewer and water also.

Do both Belfast and Searsport care more about doing business with small businesses than what their city looks like?

Jack and Ann Bronne



I’m so glad I read your ad. Gumming Tues., Grinning Wed. You call it rebase, I call it remarkable! Thanks, Warren Dental.

Hilda Emerson