As a lifelong resident of Belfast, Karen Mehorter knows what it takes to make a successful business in Waldo County.

Mehorter began honing her skills in advertising and marketing after attending  the University of Southern Maine and studying business administration. She started working for the Camden Herald when it was still an independent newspaper and also assisted with advertising sales for Waldo County.

“I was always a major multi-tasker because one minute I would be doing advertising sales and the next I might be helping in the circulation department,” Mehorter said.

Mehorter said she is happy to be working for The Republican Journal selling advertisements since it gives her the opportunity to reconnect with the businesses and people she grew up with.

“I’ve dealt with a lot of businesses in this area and it’s nice to see old faces. I’ve always had an interest in advertising and marketing,” Mehorter said.

Besides her experience in advertising, Mehorter also worked for the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce in 2008, and spent nine years working at Monroe Salt Works.

“That was a really great experience because I was managing more than one store,” she said. “I was responsible for managing an advertising budget and buying advertising with newspapers, radio stations and television stations.”

The experience of working in the retail world and as an advertising representative is something Mehorter feels gives her an extra edge when working with local businesses.

“I can help on both sides of retail and advertising because I’ve had the experience working in both sectors,” Mehorter said. “I really enjoy helping people sell a product or brand.”

One of Mehorter’s favorite aspects of handling advertising in Waldo County is the opportunity for her to work with all of the businesses — both new and old — in the area.

“There are so many new businesses in town now and there is a really vibrant market here,” she said.

As an advertising representative, Mehorter acknowledged it can be challenging to make advertising effective, but it’s a challenge she is more than willing to meet. However, Mehorter noted computers and the internet have changed how advertising is approached.

“When I started selling ads we didn’t have computers but now the internet has made advertising even more accessible to customers,” she said.

When she isn’t pounding the pavement in an effort to sell advertising, Mehorter said her next greatest passion is being on the water.

“I have a 29 foot Sea Ray boat that I’m getting ready and hoping it can go into the water this week. I love the water and I have a camp on Swan Lake,” she said.

Whether she is out selling advertising and helping businesses market themselves to more customers or enjoying the day on the water, Mehorter is passionate about being in Belfast.

“This is such a stimulating area to live in and it’s so great to have a chance to meet so many different people. Belfast really is a melting pot of different people and cultures,” she said.

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