Belfast Area High School Athletic Director Mark Babin and Athletic Booster Club Chair Martha Kulikowski aren’t sure exactly how long the BAHS concession stand — also known as the snack shack — has been a fixture at the athletic field.

But Kulikowski, who graduated from BAHS in 1983 and now has two sons who each play three sports at BAHS said the small building at the corner of the field closest to the high school has been in use since she was in school, and likely for several years prior.

“We fundraise by selling concessions,” said Kulikowski Friday, May 18.

But the old snack shack has seen better days; the plywood floors inside are warping from years of use, the exterior is deteriorating, there are no restrooms and, Babin said, the building has no running water.

“The sink runs into a bucket,” said Babin. “It’s time to spruce it up.”

Kulikowski said in its current condition, it’s difficult for volunteers to work in the building and because of that, it’s getting more challenging to find folks who are willing to work there for athletic events.

“It’s hard to get people to work in there; you have to lug water, there’s no room in there and it’s hard to clean up,” she said.

And the concession stand is used for much more than strictly BAHS athletic events — the stand is also used during the Pee Wee football season, for example, and statewide tournaments and meets.

Kulikowski said the boosters have set aside $11,000 toward the cost of replacing the snack shack out of money the group has raised over the last two years. But the total cost of the project, which will nearly double the size of the building, set it further back from the field and add running water and bathrooms, is estimated at $25,000.

The boosters are now enjoying the support of a Crosby High School Class of 1951 graduate who opted to remain anonymous when offering the boosters a check for $1,000 for the project, Kulikowski said. And now that same Crosby graduate has offered to match donations of fellow alumnus up to $5,000.

“We could potentially get another $10,000,” said Kulikowski of the 50-50 match arrangement.

The boosters hope to see the old snack shack torn down over the coming summer, and will begin the two-phase construction project soon after. Phase one, said Kulikowski, will include the groundwork, laying the foundation and establishing water access while the final phase will include erecting the new building and adding the restrooms.

Kulikowski said the boosters aren’t stopping with the matching campaign, as a benefit golf tournament at Northport Golf Club is being planned for Friday, Aug. 10, which also happens to be the kickoff for Crosby alumnus weekend.

“People can submit a team or sponsor a hole, and all the money will be going toward this project,” said Kulikowski.

On a small, hand carved wooden sign displayed over one of the serving windows reads “We do it for the kids.”

Perhaps the same can be said for the task the boosters are taking on now to replace the old concession stand.

Anyone interested in contributing to the project may make checks payable to the BAHS Athletic Booster Club, 98 Waldo Avenue, Belfast, Maine 04915.