The Waldo County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) seeks to partner with local community organizations to provide volunteer emergency services to the residents of Waldo County following a disaster. The County EMA program cannot fulfill its mission to prepare, mitigate, respond and recover the county from disasters without volunteers.

Local community organizations such as veterans, service, agricultural, social, religious and fraternal organizations are highly encouraged to contact the Waldo County EMA office in Belfast. The agency is in need of organizations willing to take on a disaster response and recovery mission. Missions include staffing local emergency shelters, staffing emergency pet shelters, staffing emergency phone banks, providing supply, warehousing and delivery of disaster supplies, and providing emergency feeding centers.

It is very beneficial for the county’s limited emergency management staff to deal with organized community groups, as opposed to volunteers off the street. Community groups come with a large number of members, with leadership and management, and means of contacting their own members. This saves the county EMA staff a great deal of time and resources.

The county EMA program will provide free emergency management support training to any community organization at the organization’s choice of location, date and time. Training is typically limited to personal preparedness topics and to the disaster mission for which the organization has volunteered. For example, training in shelter operations would be provided for those organizations wishing to provide a shelter operations support team.

For more information, contact the Waldo County EMA at 338-3870, Dale Rowley, director.