Sarah E. Reynolds is an avid writer who enjoys the opportunities she has to meet new people and listen to their stories.

Reynolds, a resident of Union, has worked in the newspaper industry since 1985. Along the way, she was encouraged by her assistant editor at a bi-weekly business journal in Worcester, Mass.

“He had a hunch that I might be a good reporter and he encouraged me to do a couple of pieces,” Reynolds said. “He really became my mentor and he taught me a lot.”

While in Worcester, she had the opportunity to work with a few interns to help them improve their writing.

“I really enjoy working with writers to help them improve their voice. It’s just a matter of getting rid of some of the extra stuff and finding their style,” she said.

Reynolds worked as a copy editor for the Republican Journal from 2009 to 2010, as well as the Courier Gazette and the Capital Weekly.

As much as Reynolds has enjoyed her time working for various publications she acknowledges the job doesn’t come without its challenges. One challenge is finding ways to get people to talk who might otherwise not want to discuss a topic.

“I always enjoyed finding creative ways to get people to talk. I remember one story where two sides of a family were battling in court over a business and one side wanted to make it very public and the other side didn’t,” Reynolds said. “After I talked to one side of the family, the other side wanted to talk as well because they wanted to get their side of the story out.”

Reynolds said one thing she has learned over the years of working for different newspapers and magazines is that almost everyone has a story to tell. She hopes now that she has returned to the Republican Journal she will have the opportunity to tell those stories.

“I really enjoy being able to chat with people and I wish I could interview everybody who comes in here,” she said.

When not managing her office duties or editing content for the newspaper, Reynolds enjoys playing with her two dogs — a Cockapoo and a German Shepherd. She also enjoys reading and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the people of the Midcoast area better.

“I really enjoy the small town feel and how neighborly everyone is. If anybody has any questions or needs assistance I hope they call or stop in,” Reynolds said.

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