The following deed transfers were recorded from May 10 to May 16, 2012, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Chesapeake Holdings Springbrook LLC to Elizabeth Whitman.

Shirley H. Rogers to John E. Pickering Jr. and Kelly A. Pickering.

Sharon L. McKinney to Larry W. Smith.


Bruce H. Boon to Kim Cashman and Gary Guida.

Edwin Ames Cross Estate to Ricky s. Gibbs.


Howard M. Drake estate to Denise D. Holt.

Denise D. Holt to Jon Kevin Holt and Denise D.Holt.

Frances M. Almeida to Dana M. LaFlash.


Tara A. Robinson and Tara L. Albright to Robinson West Bay Road Realty Trust.

Elizabeth Aldrich Redmond Trust to Winthrop W. Redmond.

Elizabeth Aldrich Redmond Trust to Winthrop W. Redmond, Roland L. Redmond and John A. Redmond.


Louis P. Condron and Delphine M. Condron to Pamela J. Hansen.

Northeast Maine Inc. to First NA.

Caroline G. Perkins to Virginia L. Ciraldo.

Ocean Falls Estates LLC to Donald C. Hedstrom Living Trust.

Ocean Falls Estates LLC to Mark David Hedstrom.

Donald C. Hedstrom Living Trust to Peter & Tink Neverland LLC.


Lisa Briggs-Whitney to Thomas a Briggs.


Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. to Laurence J. Moody and Anissa L. Chase.

Curtis E. Richmond, Wesley C. Richmond, Scott P. Richmond and Richmond Family realty Trust to Christopher J. Dyer and Robin A. Dyer.

Town of Montville to Richmond Family Realty Trust.


Barbara R. Mosher to Mary D. Howe.

Bayside Realty Trust to MacKinnon Family Trust.

Deborah J. MacKinnon and Richard C. MacKinnon to MacKinnon Family Trust.


Mark Thomas Panek and Maria Panek O’Rourke to Panek Family Irrevocable Trust

Mark Thomas Panek and Maria Panek O’Rourke to Panek Family Irrevocable Trust

Michael W.T. Beckwith and Angela M. Beckwith to William J. Hamel and Susan A. Hamel.


James E. McCorrison to Wayne T. McCorrison.


Linwood J. White to Linwood J. White and Thelma U. White.


Shirley Ann Marquis Living Trust to Shirley Anne Marquis Family Trust.

Shirley Anne Marquis Family Trust to Robin Kathrine Hutchinson, Kristen Spencer and Angela Marquis.


Andrea L. Heintz to Robert Matthew Heintz and Wolfgang Lucas Heintz.


Elsie M. Gerry to Anthony R. Gerry.

Jay Mclaughlin and Ellen McLaughlin to David Adams and Grace Adams.

Lee McLaughlin to David Adams and Grace Adams.


Matthew J. Raven to Matthew J. Raven and Kirsten A. Raven.


Town of Waldo to frank E. Punderson, Ralph Leathers and Shirley Leathers.

Ralph E. Leathers and Shirley A. Leathers to Frank E. Punderson Jr. Retirement Trust.


Linda J. Manning to Lawrence M. Barrett and Karen A. Barrett.

Patricia Frech and Lloyd R. Frech to Federal National Mortgage Association.