Since lending its support to a $33.4 million budget proposal two weeks ago, the RSU 20 Board of Directors signed the warrants for the upcoming budget validation meeting, which is set for Tuesday, June 5.

During the regular board meeting Tuesday, May 22, at Searsport District High School, RSU 20 Superintendent Bruce Mailloux confirmed the budget validation meeting date, as well as the June 12 budget referendum vote. The budget validation meeting will take place at Troy Howard Middle School at 7 p.m.

At the budget validation meeting, residents from all nine-district towns are asked to weigh in on several articles for the 2012-13 proposed budget, and the bulk of those articles deal with how much money will be spent in specific categories such as special education, school administration and transportation.

Other articles focus on how much money the district towns will raise and appropriate to support the budget, and others address how much money will be raised for additional items like adult education.

Residents may also make changes to any of the budget articles by making motions to either increase or reduce spending in particular lines that are presented in the warrant.

Residents in their respective towns will vote on the numbers approved at the budget validation meeting at the ballot box June 12 in the second step of the process. That step, known as the budget validation referendum, consists of a yes or no question: Whether residents favor approving the RSU 20 budget that was adopted at the public budget meeting the previous week.

“Whatever the amount is that’s voted on at the budget meeting, that’s what goes to referendum,” said Mailloux at Tuesday’s meeting. “If it’s voted down then we have to come back with a new budget proposal.”

If the district-wide vote is affirmative at the ballot box, then the budget will be approved. If not, the budget process would take a couple of steps backward, as under state law, another proposal would have to come back before residents at a second public budget meeting. At that time residents would vote on the individual articles again. That meeting would be followed by another referendum, and the process would repeat as necessary until a budget is finally approved.

Because the regular board meeting would have fallen on Tuesday, June 12, the same day as the budget referendum, directors agreed to push that meeting date ahead to Thursday, June 14. Doing so would be beneficial, Mailloux said, because the board must take action to officially confirm the results of the referendum vote. The June 14 meeting will take place at Belfast Area high School at 6:30 p.m.