Despite the recent rain, play has continued at a steady pace at the Northport Golf Club.

On May 30 in a scotch foursome event, Moe Eastman and Vivian Fuller finished first gross 42; Terry and Roxie Whitney, second gross 47; Bob and Brenda Barrett, first net 36.5; David and Teresa Potvin, second net 38.5; Dan and Leslie Eaton, third net 39.5; and Frank Field and Jean Brown, fourth net 40.5. Tom and Jeanne Tuttle received the mystery prize.

On May 29 in twilight league play, in Class A, Moe Eastman finished first gross 38; Charlie Pray and Randy Berry, tied at second gross 39; and Bob Meyers, Terry Whitney, Larry Quinn and Harvey Peterson, tied at first net 36. In Class B, Bill Farris finished first gross 43; Tyler McDevitt, second gross 44; Greg McDaniel and Jerry Savitz, tied at third gross 46; Bruce Spaulding and Cecil Eastman, tied at first net 36; and David Clarke, third net 37. Pin winners in Class A were: Randy Berry, 5 feet 4 inches on the third hole; and Terry Whitney, 17-9 on the ninth. Pin winners in Class B were: Greg McDaniel, 18-10 on the third; and David Clarke, 11-5 on the ninth.

On May 28 in a holiday tourney, best ball format, Charlie Pray and Paul Schelble finished first gross 68; Ansel Orne and Paul Jasienowski, second gross 70; and Charles Pray and Bill Esty, along with Randy Berry and Tom Savage, tied at third gross 71. Jeff Sweeting and Peter Doran finished first net 59; and Ansel Orne and Tyler McDevitt, Larry Quinn and Terry Fancy, Marty Crowe and Greg McDaniel, Rick Cronin and Greg McDaniel and Tim Riley and Greg McDaniel, all tied at second net 62.

The Class A sweeps winners were: Charlie Pray, first gross 71; Ansel Orne and Randy Berry, second gross 74; Cliff Randall, first net 68; and Terry Whitney and Paul Jasienowski, tied at second net 69. Pin winners were: Ansel Orne, 11-2 on the third; Jack Johnson, 20-3 on the ninth; Terry Whitney, 12-3 on the 12th; and Paul Jasienowski, 11-5 on the 18th.

The Class B sweeps winners were: Jeff Sweeting and Terry Fancy, first gross 84; and Tim Riley and Rick Cronin, tied at first net 69. Pin winners were: Peter Doran, 3-10 on the third; Greg McDaniel, 14-6 on the ninth; Terry Fancy, 33-0 on the 12th and 20-2 on the 18th.

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