Thanks for voting

Thank you to all those who took the time to vote in last week’s primary election. I appreciate those Republicans who voted for me and the unenrolled voters who became Republicans on Election Day in order to cast their ballots for me. And thank you to my primary opponent, Aaron Fethke, for keeping the focus on the position and our qualifications. For those voters who did not vote for me, I hope to be able to convince you that I should be returned to Probate Court before the Nov. 6 general election.

Randolph Mailloux


Thanks for the support

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those who voted and supported me in my primary run for Waldo County Judge of Probate. I enjoyed campaigning and getting to meet new people and I learned a lot about the people in my community. I hope that I was able to help get the word out about why we need a new probate judge and how citizens can become involved in that process.

I couldn’t have asked for a more courteous or professional opponent and I congratulate and endorse Randy Mailloux for Judge of Probate in November. With over 30 years of relevant legal experience as well as his several years on the bench itself, he is clearly the better choice. Susan Longley is a very nice person and that helps make her a great political campaigner but her six years in the 90s as a practicing attorney just aren’t (and haven’t been ) enough to qualify her for the bench. The fact that she only handled three or so cases in the probate court in the 1990s before becoming a judge in 2005 is troubling to say the least. Her many years of political experience are commendable, but certainly do not substitute for years of actual courtroom and legal experience. Furthermore, the fact that she has not really practiced in other courts (given that the probate court is only in session one day per week) over the past 8 years is of great concern. There is a reason why only licensed attorneys can run for this office. It is because legal experience is a an absolute must. Attorneys never stop learning and becoming more knowledgeable, but only if we continue to practice law.

This race is unlike any other in the state. I do not believe any other probate judge even has an opponent in the general election this year. Yet we have seen a contested primary this year and will see a hotly contested election in November. This is not a coincidence or accident. There are serious problems with the way things have been handled over the past eight years and we have an opportunity to learn about them and make a positive change in November.

I want to thank all the voters who came out to vote for Randy or me. Please continue to pay attention to this race. I am joining Randy Mailloux’s campaign and I encourage people to do the same and support him anyway you can. To learn more or to contact the campaign go to

Aaron Fethke


‘Dinner for two’

A graet big thank you to all the good-hearted people of Belfast who supported the recent “Dinner for Two” raffle benefiting the Belfast Soup Kitchen — from the participating restaurants, Dockside, Darby’s, Ocean’s Edge, nautilus, Seng Thai and Weathervane, to those who sold and those who bought the tickets.

In a sense, everyone’s a winner, because when we support each other, we become collectively stronger. Someone who needs just a helping hand today may well become an employer tomorrow.

The Soup Kitchen networks with area food pantries, local banks, schools, churches and many other civic and charitable organizations in order to put food on the table every weekday for 40 to 70 hungry, deserving people. The raffle brought in close to $355. This is a city with a heart! God bless you.

Lisa Randall