Waldo County General Hospital is pleased to announce the awarding of 23 scholarships totaling $23,000 for the academic year beginning Sept. 2012 as follows:

• Nursing: Paige Emerson, Rhonda Fowlie, Mallory Heroux, Melissa Ingraham, Andrea Jarrett, Michelle Jones, Kendra Kirby, Sherri Littlefield, Casey Middleswart, Donna Poulin, Brenda Prisco, Alisha Sousa, and Hannah Uhll;

• Nurse Practitioner: Chelsea Morrison;

• Pharmacy: Tiffany Taillon and Chantelle Whitcomb;

• Health Care Administration: Kaitlyn Schweikert and Amanda Stover; and

• Certified Coding Specialist: Bobbie Hobbs.


Specific Scholarships were awarded as follows:

• Mary S. Enk Scholarship awarded to Melissa Ingraham;

• John C. Enk Scholarship awarded to Kendra Kirby and Casey Middleswart;

• Nancy Drinkwater Scholarship awarded to Sherri Littlefield and Brenda Prisco;

• Alice Pattershall Scholarship awarded to Michelle Jones;

• Imogen H. Mollison Scholarship awarded to Mallory Heroux; and

• Gil Lord Scholarship awarded to Paige Emerson, Rhonda Fowlie, Andrea Jarrett and Donna Poulin.