The second-grade students in Rhonda Bishop Wood’s class would like to dedicate their writings to their very special fathers. They would especially like to thank “Bup” for his extraordinary contributions throughout the year!


I am special

By Emily

I am good at gym. I am good at the games in gym. I am good at playing Scooter City. At home I am special too. I help my mom with grocery shopping. I help my dad with taking care of my little sister. I take good care of my guinea pig. I help my sisters
take care of their guinea pigs. And that is what is special about me.


Special about me

By Haley

I am good at reading. I am awesome at singing. I am great at making friends. I’m good at eating lobster. I can go super fast on the monkey bars. Sometimes I help my mom take care of my baby sister. I get her toys for her. I used to have a fish named Ferb.
I fed him and watched while my dad changed his water.


I love my world

By Eric

I am special because I can play lots of video games, baseball and soccer. I play sports too. I love to ride my bike. I’ve got one dog and one cat. I take care of them. I clean the bathroom and my room. I take care of the cars. I help my dad wash them and polish them.


I’m cool

By Noah

I am good at winning stuffed animals in claw machines. I like taking care of stuffed animals. I’m good at washing the dishes, taking a bath and getting dressed.

I’m good at playing computer games.



By Nina

I’m special because I’m me! I’m good at finding things. I’m a good friend to everyone.

I’m helpful. I’m good at monkey bars. I like to go to Sarah’s house to play.

I have two sisters. I’m nice!


By Dodge

I am special because I can do a pop wheelie on Donavin’s 4-wheeler. On our camp road sometimes Dad lets me drive the car. I like remote-control cars. I know a lot about animals. I like fishing. I’ve caught bass, perch, sunfish and trout.


Dressing up animals

By Sarah

I am special because I like to dress up animals. I dress my stuffed puppy with a rose under her ear. She looks cute. I also dress my kitten. I put my necklace on her.
I’ve dressed up a lot of animals.


I am awesome

By Zachary

I am special because I can stand up for myself. I am good at playing video games. I am good at Mario Kart DS. I like Dry Bones. I like my friend Noah. We are best friends.
I am good at baseball. I clean my room. I am good at everything!


I am special

By Reagan

I am special because I help my mom with the dishes and laundry. I help feed my cat.

I love my life. I am special at doing the witch’s hat. I am good at reading chapter books.

I am good at playing with my cousins too.


I am special

By Domanick

I am special because I have a goldfish. His name is Rich. I am good at doing the dishes and cleaning my bedroom. I help my dad clean the house. I feed the dog and play with him. I love to do math. I am good at adding and subtracting. I like to help people do their math if they get stuck. Gym is my favorite special class, because we play tag.

I am a really fast runner.


All about me

By Mykaila

I’m good at basketball. Shooting hoops is what I’m special at. I’m nice to people. I help the teacher put up chairs at bus time. I am smart at math. Adding and subtracting are easy for me. I like to color pictures with crayons or markers. It makes me feel happy.

At home I help take care of my pets. I let them go outside, I feed them

and cuddle with them. I’m glad that they sleep with me. I love them so much!


I am back!

By Trisha

I was happy that I came back to Swanville. I am being good this year.

I am good at making friends. I am good at helping friends. I am good at listening at school. I am good at reading. I am good at writing. I am good at singing.