Saturday, June 16, an old farm house at the intersection of routes 3 and 220 witnessed hard restoration work, a barn sale, grilled steaks, and a veterans’ group making a difference for less fortunate vets. Garry Owen, an organization consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts who share the bond of having given part of their life in service to this country, put on the event to raise money for the improvement of the group’s long-neglected structure. Their motto, “Vets for Vets,” explains the club’s goals. Plans include rooms for homeless vets along with mentoring them through the maze of VA regulations with which many of the older members are highly experienced.

The day was highlighted by the appearance of State Rep. Ryan Harmon and his wife, Holly. Harmon discussed a wide range of topics with members. He assured the group that he agreed with their long-term goals and will check into how the state government could assist them. Harmon and his wife also made a donation, which was warmly received. A representative of Local Roots, a new eatery and deli located on Route 3, stopped by and discussed possibly working with the group on future fundraising. In a show of unasked-for support, Montville resident David Grober stopped and wrote a check to donate on the spot. Grober, himself a veteran, received many thanks and handshakes.

Garry Owen is asking local residents to donate unneeded items to help them with their goals. The group is in need of building supplies and furnishings. They would also appreciate any donations of time or money. Call 313-2644 for further information.

“Garry Owen” is an old Irish march that was a favorite of Gen. George Armstrong’s 7th Cavalry prior to their much-celebrated battle popularly known as Custer’s Last Stand.