Mehuman (MAY-mon) Jonson’s “Love Colored Glasses” Dinner Concerts Project will launch Sunday, July 1 on Fans of the award-winning songer/songwriter have been hearing about an upcoming album since her Mehuman Trio began playing standing-room-only gigs in Rockland, Camden, Belfast and beyond.

The goal of Jonson’s Kickstarter campaign is $10,000, “because that is what it takes to make a simple and beautiful record everyone has been waiting to possess.” The album, “Love Colored Glasses,” will be be produced by the Grammy Award-winning Corin Nelsen at Scott Harris’ Graybrook Studio in Union.

In exchange for donations, starting at $1, Jonson is offering a variety of fun and tangible rewards. They include a dinner concert for 20 at one’s home featuring Mehuman’s YumLoveStews plus a concert for a favorite local charitable or socially responsible organization. By donating, one also can pre-order the new record, “Love Colored Glasses,” and get the T-shirt, bumper sticker, signed copies of “Mehuman’s YumLoveStew Cooking Journal,” a limited edition photo collage of all the Citizens of Love who support the project, an anonymous Secret Admirer message sung to a loved someone and more.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, the “Love Colored Glasses” Dinner Concerts Project must reach its goal by a pre-set deadline or all monies return to the donors. For more information, visit To contact Jonson, send email to; call 593-7100; or visit her Facebook page.

More about Jonson

Nine years ago, even before Facebook, tweeting and Kickstarter, Jonson was a successful award winning singer/songwriter signed to a major label in Manhattan. A newlywed when tragedy struck her young family during her first major tour, Jonson lost her desire to make music … but music never lost her.

This year marks Jonson’s fifth year living and thriving in Maine, amid the people of the Midcoast who have embraced her and her music. Inspired by them in 2011, She created a now popular radio program on WRFR-LP 93.3 FM. “Comforts & Joys” airs every Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. Jonson interviews folks from all walks of life to promote what they are contributing to their communities in Maine and beyond.

“I’ve met so many amazing people here whose mission is to share their sustaining talents with others. Whether with food, music, art, faith or fitness, these Citizens of Love choose daily to enhance the lives and experiences of everyone in our community,” she said.

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