Since children thrive and learn best in a stable and secure environment, a group of concerned parents and community members is exploring the new option of organizing and incorporating a charter school for the northern Penobscot Bay area. There are several recent actions that have prompted consideration for the development of a charter school.

Votes of the referendum on the ballots of the towns in the former SAD 34 schools have been counted and they will be seeking to withdraw from the merged union, RSU 20. A similar referendum in Frankfort has pulled that town in the direction of joining the school district served by the new Hamden Academy. So where does this leave the remainder of the students and educational community in the former SAD 56? It seems to leave them in Limbo. The Stockton Springs School will be nearly closed this year and there is concern among members of the former SAD 56 community that their children’s educational programs will be disjointed and disrupted continuously until some resolutions are made for the future of the student in the north bay area. Considering how long the withdrawl and reorganization process may take for the former SAD34 and the Frankfort school, it may be in the best interest of students to create an alternative educational environment to provide that security and stability along with a strong curriculum and social structure.

There will be an informational meeting for parents and community members of the present RSU20 and the surrounding area to discuss the process of forming a charter school. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 17 at 6:30 pm at the Sandy Point Community Club on Route 1 in the village of Sandy Point in the town of Stockton Springs. There will be a guest speaker, Justin Belanger, who was on the Cornville Charter School organizational board and he will discuss the process and answer questions. He has mentioned that it takes about a dozen board members, willing to devote a serious commitment of time and effort, to create a charter school. There will be an opportunity for seriously interested people to sign up for the process and participate in the naming of the future school. For more information email Veronica Garvey Magnan, Ed. D. at