According to an official with the Colorado company that hopes to construct a 22.7-million-gallon liquefied petroleum gas storage tank at Mack Point, there will be no more project-related balloon shows in Searsport.

Roz Elliott, spokeswoman for DCP Midstream, said this week that since weather conditions were favorable enough to send the balloons into the air, there would be no need to conduct another balloon test.

“Once the expert concluded that the conditions were ideal, it was fortunate that the first attempt was able to proceed,” she said.

Elliott said the company has received some feedback from locals since the five balloons — one red, four yellow — flew over Searsport Thursday, June 21.

“We heard from several observers that the test verified the visual was consistent with the visualization photos submitted, even much less than expected,” she said.

Elliott said the company is now awaiting the external consultant’s report, the results of which will be reported to the Searsport Planning Board.

The proposed $40 million project has been met with opposition from some locals, who have expressed concern about the development’s potential impacts on the tourism industry, safety and the general way of life in town. Officials and residents from neighboring towns in the Midcoast, like Islesboro and Camden, have also recently come forward with similar concerns, including how much their municipal budgets might increase, particularly in the public safety lines, if the tank were to be constructed.

Others from Searsport and surrounding towns have publicly expressed interest in seeing the project become a reality, noting the development would create jobs.

The balloon test was the latest of many steps the company is undergoing to satisfy requirements set forth in town ordinances.