Renys Department Stores is watching energy costs decrease at 12 of its 16 locations, including its Belfast store, since completing 30 energy-efficiency projects through Efficiency Maine programs. Renys began using Efficiency Maine incentives in 2006 and has replaced old fluorescent lights with new energy-efficient lighting, insulated walls, ceilings and basements, and installed energy-efficient windows and high-tech heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with programmable energy controls.

Renys operates the majority of its retail stores in aging downtown buildings, and most have needed considerable energy improvements. To date, Renys has received $108,176 in incentives from Efficiency Maine’s Business Program to help cover the $409,584 in energy-efficiency improvements. Best estimates show that Renys is saving more than $95,000 per year by using 634,381 fewer kilowatt-hours across its stores, a decrease that directly results in a lower operating budget.