State Rep. Ryan Harmon (R-Palermo) compiled one of the best voting records in the Legislature over the last two years, voting on 99.2 percent of all roll call votes held in the Maine House during the 117 days it was in session.

During the two years of the legislative term, members dealt with 2,049 bills. Of these, 700 became law, ranging from large bills, such as the state budget, to minor technical changes. Many bills are voted unanimously to either pass or fail out of committee, and the House usually follows the committee lead with a unanimous vote on the floor that is not recorded. This procedure is called passing a bill “under the hammer.”

The House held 369 roll call votes, which form the basis for a voting record.

“Lawmakers have many duties, such as constituent service and committee work, but voting is critical,” said Harmon, a first-term legislator who served on the high-profile Taxation Committee. “The citizens of my district sent me to Augusta to be their voice in Legislature, and I take that responsibility very seriously.”

Harmon said he is proud of the work of the 125th Legislature, which includes reform of the public pension system, regulatory relief and welfare reform. The Legislature also overhauled Maine’s health insurance law to promote competition and bring the system more in line with the American mainstream. Early results show the new approach is holding down or reducing rates in the individual and small-group markets. As a member of the Taxation Committee, Harmon also was instrumental in crafting the largest tax cut in Maine history.

“We tackled a number of vital issues that should have been addressed years ago,” he said. “Pension reform will make sure the system remains solvent while also saving Maine taxpayers more than $3 billion in the next 15 years. Welfare reform is designed to protect Maine’s most vulnerable residents while discouraging able-bodied people from making welfare a way of life. Tax cuts will save Mainers hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few years. Overall, we made the state much more business-friendly to help generate jobs and a stronger economy to benefit everyone.”

Harmon’s district includes Burnham, Freedom, Knox, Montville, Palermo, Thorndike, Troy and Unity.