Students at the University of Maine at Augusta who earned the Dean’s List for the Spring 2012 Semester have been announced. To be on the Dean’s List, a student must earn a 3.25 grade point average for a given semester and must be enrolled full-time.

Rurik Brackett, Knox; Kathy Burt, Burnham; Thomas Carter, Montville; Lance Davenport, Brooks; April Doughty, Montville; Jaclyn Francini, Winterport; Megan Higgins, Stockton Springs; Natasha Littlefield, Morrill; Heather Marlow, Belfast; Bailie Nason, Unity; Thomas Needham, Liberty; Jennifer Ponder, Liberty; Andrew Radford, Belfast; Tristen Ripley, Liberty; Travis Rowe, Searsport; Letitia Ward, Searsmont; Jeffrey Weinberger, Liberty; Stephanie Wooley, Troy; Breyn Young, Lincolnville.