There were plenty of fast, impressive performances by paddlers in canoes and kayaks on Sunday morning, July 29, but the closest finish in the 37th annual Megunticook Lake Race turned out to be between two hard-working men who appeared to literally walk across the water.

Two competitors standing on paddle boards worked across the five-mile course from Megunticook Lake to Norton Pond and finished separated by only a few feet.

While there were a handful paddle boarders in the field, the traditional one- and two-person canoes and kayaks were more the norm in the race sponsored by the Camden Parks and Recreation Department, which operates at the Camden Snow Bowl facility.

Water again flew as the popular event offered classes for most types of canoes, kayaks including sea kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards and for paddlers of all ages and abilities.

The race, which attracted families and friends who paddled together, began with registration at Barrett’s Cove on Beaucaire Ave. at the south end of Megunticook Lake. The race officially started opposite the Route 52 boat launch ramp and covered the length of Megunticook Lake and Norton Pond, ending at Breezemere Park on Norton Pond in Lincolnville.

Paula Lunt of Tenants Harbor and Eric McNett of Topsham turned in the fastest time, crossing the course in their two-person kayak in 40 minutes and 51 seconds.

There were 20 watercraft and 30 paddlers in the event.

The individual results were:

Open two-person men’s — 1, Greg McMorrow, Thorndike, and Bill Anderson, Morrill, 46:39; and 2, Chris Loring, Old Town, and Terry Wescott, Thorndike, 51:38.

Open canoe two-person men’s recreational — 1, Steve Carroll, Portland, and Hiram Sibley, Portland, 1:02:14.

Open canoe two-person mixed — 1, Dwight Blease, Bowdoinham, and Colleen Moore, Topsham, 46:29.

War canoe, mixed junior/senior — 1, Audrey Carter, John Carter, Russell Lamarre and Riley Lamarre, 1:03:56.

Kayak one-person men’s racing —  1, Chris Laughlin, Lincolnville, 42:07; 2, Andrew Cooper, New Harbor, 46:52; and 3, Dan Baumert, Levant, 48:30.

Kayak one-person men’s recreational — 1, Richard Matlack, Owls Head, 1:01:40.

Kayak one-person women’s racing — 1, Roberta McLain, Stockton Springs, 52:53.

Kayak one-person women’s recreational — 1, Jen Iott, Camden, 1:11:33.

Kayak two-person tandem — 1, Lunt, Tenants Harbor, and McNett, Topsham, 40:51; 2, Bob Dean, Rockport, and Bruce Weik, Freedom, 42:18; and 3, Jon Hill, Waterville, and Hillary Alger, Waterville, 42:30.

Men’s stand-up paddle board —  1, Thor Emory, Lincolnville, 52:38; 2, Rod McLain, Stockton Springs, 52:43; 3, Ben Hoops, Lincolnville, 1:16:16; and 4, Mark Benjamin, Camden, 1:30:09.

Women’s stand-up paddle board —1, Hampton Kew, Lincolnville, 1:11:53; and 2, Aimee Leclerc, Linconville, 1:18:54.

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