U.S. Cellular continues to invest in its high-speed nationwide network with a new cell tower in Stockton Springs. The site will increase U.S. Cellular’s coverage in the towns of Stockton Springs (including Cape Jellison), Prospect and Searsport. It is one of more than 340 towers U.S. Cellular has built across the state.

“We’re committed to delivering products and services that simplify and enhance our customers’ daily lives,” said Jack Brundige, interim director of sales for U.S. Cellular in New England. “This network enhancement will help our customers stay connected to friends and family.”

In addition to the new Stockton Springs tower, U.S. Cellular customers can use the newly launched 4G LTE network in the Ellsworth area. With 4G LTE, according to the company, websites open up to 10 times faster and e-mails download more quickly on the company’s smartphone and mobile tablet lineup.

To select locations for new towers, U.S. Cellular has teams of system performance engineers who drive through the company’s network coverage area, sometimes hundreds of miles a day, to test the signal strength and call quality. U.S. Cellular also listens to customer feedback to help identify the communities that would benefit from another tower.