Oakhurst Dairy, northern New England’s largest independent family-owned dairy company, will deliver the Oakhurst Moments grand prize to Robin Roberts Webster of Morrill and will host a celebration for her family.

The contest grand prize includes Oakhurst products for life and the opportunity to donate $1,000 to a favorite charity. Out of more than 700 entries, Webster’s contest submission was selected to receive the top prize. Her Oakhurst Moment was a heart-warming and funny story about her father, Roger Roberts, a 30-year dairy farmer and former Oakhurst Dairy producer. In her entry, she calls him “Uncle Roger” and tells of a time 40 years ago involving a unique “chocolate cow” and an extremely gullible cousin. (see below for full contest entry)

Upon learning she was the Oakhurst Moments grand prize winner, Webster immediately selected the Morrill Volunteer Fire Department to receive the $1000 donation. Two months ago, the house attached to the barn in her story suffered a significant electrical fire. The Morrill Fire Department was a first responder and had four trucks on the scene to help control the blaze.