In order to better serve the public, the town of Stockton Springs has introduced new e-mail addresses. Addresses are as follows: – Peter Curley, Lesley Cosmano, Wayne Kraiger; – Rich Couch; – Christina Hassapelis and Angela Porter; – Amber Poulin; – John Larson; – Candy Moore; – George Russell; – Bruce Gray; – Bruce Gray; – David Estes; – Chas Hare; – Ben Seekins; – Junior Patterson.

Town Manager Rich Couch warns, “E-mail is not a replacement for our emergency communication system. If folks have an emergency, don’t waste time with e-mail – dial 911.”

“Our effort to increase accessibility to local government and enhance our methods of communication is not meant to exclude those who do not use e-mail” Couch said. “The phone at Town Hall still rings when you dial 567-3404” Couch advised. “We are here to help people – in person, via the Internet, and over the telephone! We will even still open envelopes that arrive from the Post Office!” Couch quipped. This upgrade is a direct result of the $18,000 technology upgrade that voters approved at Town Meeting in June. “The voters of Stockton Springs made this upgrade possible, and we are grateful,” Couch concluded. For more information visit: