Public Hearing #2

In accordance with Title 28A Section 653 MRSA 1964 a public hearing will be held on Aug. 21, 2012 at 7 p.m. or as soon as possible thereafter in the Council Chambers of Belfast City Hall to hear an application by Belfast TPM, LLC d/b/a The Residences at Tall Pines located at 24 Martin Lane for a renewal Malt and Vinous Other (assisted living) Class liquor license, the interior only.

Public Hearing #3

Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers on Aug. 21, for the purpose of taking testimony and comment from the public with respect to the proposed issuance of a general obligation bond to be issued to the City of Belfast in a principal amount not to exceed $800,000 to the Maine Municipal Bond Bank, the proceeds to be used for the purpose of financing construction of a waterfront walkway. The City Council will consider adoption of the order immediately following the close of the public hearing, which order authorizes the issuance of the Bond in the principal amount not to exceed $800,000. In addition, the City of Belfast will consider the proposed issue of a note in the amount $400,000 in anticipation of a grant from the State of Maine, Community for Maine Futures administered by CDBG to be used to finance the construction of a waterfront walkway.

Public Hearing #4

The City Council shall conduct a public hearing regarding proposed amendments to the City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 80, Intown Design Review. The Aug. 21 meeting is the second reading of this proposed ordinance amendment. The provisions of Chapter 80 affected by the proposed amendments include but are not limited to: expanding the amount of area subject to Type 1 permit review; revisions to the type of activities which require permit review; revisions to the standards that apply to the demolition of an existing structure; and revisions to the appeals process. The proposed amendments also are associated with the council’s consideration of reenactment of the Type 1 permit requirement.

•Request by Fire Chief Jim Richards to hire Randie Davis to be a member of the Belfast Ambulance as an EMT basic.

•Second reading of the new Design Review Ordinance

•Update on the Harbor Walk

•Update on Signage efforts in the city and possible request for funding for additional work

•Request from the Belfast Coin Operated Laundry to remove a tree in front of their building, as it will be blocking their new sign

•Request from the City Manager to transfer $1,993.56 from the Capital Project for purchasing a server for City Hall to the City’s Goose River Hydro-electric Project Review

•Second reading and authorization for the city to borrow $800,000 from the Maine Municipal Bond Bank for construction of the Harbor Walk

•Consideration of a request to borrow $400,000 through a bond anticipation note to cover the Governor’s freeze on the city’s award of a Community for Maine’s Futures Grant

•Consideration of accepting the sand and salt bids for Public Works Department and possible awarding

•Signing of Council orders and housekeeping items