After thrilling a record crowd of more than 1,200 with hard-charging, hard-hitting, raucous roller derby fun Saturday night, Aug. 18, the Rock Coast Rollers, the Midcoast’s only women’s flat track derby league, bid the Midcoast Recreation Center, their wonderful summer home, a fond farewell.

The Rollers literally are on the move again. After their humble beginnings in 2011 in the small gymnasium at the Lincoln Street Center in Rockland, which has closed, the league moved to practice and host summer bouts at MRC. But, with that facility soon to put down ice for the upcoming ice hockey season, the rollers are forced to move again.

The Rollers will move to Point Lookout in Northport, but continue to look for a permanent home to practice and host bouts.

Saturday night’s MRC finale — a doubleheader called “The Maine Event” – was an an historic all-Maine roller derby doubleheader as the Rollers hosted the Maine Roller Derby R.I.P. Tides of Portland and Bangor Roller Derby.

The event, which drew more than 1,200 fans (the first bout at MRC earlier in the summer attracted more than 1,000), saw the local women split Saturday’s bouts. Fresh off winning a recent tournament in Massachusetts, on Saturday, the more inexperienced Rollers lost to Bangor 144-130 in a tight, back-and-fourth affair, while the more experienced Rollers beat Portland 217-78.

The night of roller derby fun began with a rousing rendition of the national anthem, sung by Rockland District High School graduate and immensely talented Roger Marcotte.

The Rock Coast Rollers who competed against Bangor were Brawler D. Lite, Hedda Flame, Ice Cream Truck Full of Angry Bees, Ivana CausePain, Ginny Wheelsly, Rude Bekia, Dyanamo Daisy, January Jonesin’, Roto Tilda, Booty Thrasher, Automatic Mauly, Vengeful Vegan, Raging Dilemma, Roll Doll and SK8 Plissken. The alternate was Vengeful Vegan, while not skating were Mad Madam Mim, No Heart and Needle Stix.

The Rock Coast Rollers who competed against Portland were Hard Dash, Scarina, SK8 Plissken, Sinner of Gravity, Bristol Smashin’, Vengeful Vegan, Wheel Crazy, Vegemighty Slamwitch, Hurricane Bethany, Roll Doll, Iron Orchid, Sookie Stacked, Knife and 59-inch Nails. Alternates were Oxidizer and January Jonesin, while not skating were Chain Lynx and Schrodinger’s Catfight.

The teams coaches are Gong Show, Liss ‘n Up and The Beard.

The Jeerleaders, the Rollers’ cheerleaders, also provided plenty of entertainment for the large crowd. The Jeerleaders, formed early this year to provide more energy to Rollers’ bouts, include Captain Tempest in a B-Cup, also known as Caitlin Schick of Rockport; co-captain Shady Winespouse, aka Hilary Flagg of Rockland; The Falconer, aka Joelle Albury of Rockland; Cherry Bomb Cheech, aka Rachel Albury of Rockland; Annette, aka Jeff Obitz of Rockland; and Pey the Piper, aka Peyton Feener of Rockland

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