The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Aug. 23 and Aug. 29, 2012.


Bank of America NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.


Cheryl A. Curry to Stephen P. Curry.

Jennifer Curry to Arthur Curry.


Kathryn J. Nelson to Nakomis N. Nelson.


Patricia A. Andrade and Patricia A. Chatfield to Patricia A. Andrade.


Dautshe Bank National Trust Company, Trustee to Machias Realty Trust LLC.

Gregory A. Hritcko and Margaret S. Monborne to Clarissa Marie Gates and Katelyn Ann Hritcko.

Cyrene D. Slegona Estate to Jay T. Philoon and Suzanne T. Philoon.

Erik J. Lindquist to Heather D. Moran.


Jean S. Buchanan Estate to Brad L. Buchanan.

Don W. Gow Sr. Estate to Kane A. Stewart and Braden S. Gow.

Christopher Brett Hale to Thomas Watson III.


Jenness L. Robbins to Peter Courand and Catherine W. Courand.

Rolf Christiansen Estate to Donna L. Spatz.

Donna L. Spatz to Donna L. Spatz and Royal F. Spatz III.


Page C. Dilts and Lorraine Love to Page C. Dilts and Lorraine Love.

Page C. Dilts and Lorraine Love to Page C. Dilts and Lorraine Love.

Donald V. Organ Estate to Joan B. Organ, Trustee.

Bank of America National Association, Mitchell I. Goldblatt and Heather A. Goldblatt to Bank of America National Association.

Daniel I. Small Jr. to Nancy M. Desmond.


George Harriman and Mary Ann Harriman to Bruce E. Stover and Letitia L. Stover.


Richard Hussey and Lois A. Higer to Daniel H. Durrange and Melinda S. Durrange.

Edwin J. Maguire II and Kathleen S. Maguire to Donald W. Evans Jr. and Rosemarie Evans.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sean Hagenbuch and Margaret Rieley.


Brenda F. Kingsbury to Brenda F. Kingsbury and Galen Daniel Kingsbury.


Ray C. Noddin and Harriet E. Noddin to Ray C. Noddin.

Kathleen L. Loveland Estate to Josiah G. Stockwell and Hannah C. Stockwell.