It was once said: “If you are interested in one year, plant a seed; if you are interested in ten years, plant a tree; if you are interested in fifty years, educate.”

Three years ago, recognizing the importance of reaching Waldo County’s young people with the conservation message, the Soil and Water Conservation District made the commitment to hire a part-time education/outreach coordinator.

The District felt an education/outreach coordinator could increase participation in the Envirothon competition for High School students and develop a program that would focus on the grade school students, as well as work with other local groups that were interested in preserving Waldo County’s natural resources.

We are happy to say the person we hired did just that. Regrettably, we did not have the funding to sustain the position, so although we have the education programs in place, and we know what we want to do, we do not have the money to continue paying an individual to do the work.

We would be very interested in talking with anyone who would be able to either volunteer some time and is comfortable doing a conservation classroom presentation, or helping with the Envirothon or Conservation Fair. We would also welcome any donations that might come our way. Our Board of Supervisor is an all-volunteer group, and the District is always looking for new members to attend our meetings, represent us at state meetings and help spread the soil and water conservation message here in Waldo County. So please contact us at 338-1964 Ext. 3 if you would like to help.