Maine farmer, author and itinerant Quaker minister Jennifer Wixson will be the guest speaker at the next regular Unity Area Rotary Club meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Wixson will be giving Rotarians and members of the public an inside peek at the creation of The Sovereign Series, her four novel series set in the fictitious small Maine town of Sovereign, which is situated somewhere near Unity, Troy and Thorndike (all of which are mentioned in the series). Hens and Chickens, the first novel in The Sovereign Series, was published in August 2012 by White Wave.

Hens and Chickens follows the adventures of two women downsized by corporate America who move to Maine to raise chickens and sell eggs. They discover more than they bargained for, including romance. Hailed as “a modern-day Jane Austen romance” by one reader, Hens and Chickens features good-hearted and lovable characters such as the old chicken farmer Wendell Russell and retired music teacher Miss Hastings.

Readers have loved the setting and the characters of Sovereign so much so that Wixson elected to create The Sovereign Series, and is currently working on the second book, Peas, Beans and Corn, which is due out in 2013. Wixson lives and writes from her home in Troy, where she and her husband raise Scottish Highland cattle. You can follow her adventures on Twitter @ChickenJen.

The Unity Area Rotary meeting is open to the public and interested guests are encouraged to attend. A pre-meeting social half-hour begins at 4:30 p.m., followed by a brief business meeting at 5 p.m. Wixson will speak to the group following the short business agenda. The Unity Area Rotary Club meets at Crosstrax Deli, 215 Depot St., Unity. Call 948-FOOD (948-3663) for more information.