Everyone loves pie. But, if you really love pie, and believe it can lead to good things then come join us once again on Sunday, Oct. 7, when the 2012 Waldo County Pie and Story Festival will come back to the Belfast Boathouse for the tenth time, at the waterfront park in Belfast from 1 to 4 p.m.

Musician and renown storyteller Jennifer Armstrong will present a family program that includes amazing juggler Morty Hanson. If you missed Morty juggling chocolate cream pies a few years back, you might be interested to know he has been practicing with pumpkin pies this year.

Also telling tales will be Prentice Grassi, doing recitations of Maine humorist Homan Day, along with traditional story teller Gussie Vaughn. Just for fun, the festival will have Rosey Gerry as the auctioneer for the fast and fun pie auction, plus some surprise musical guest will round out the tenth annual afternoon of music, stories, pie and plenty of family fun for all.

The festival starts with free music and stories for the whole family, but don’t forget, half way through there will be slices of pie available for a dollar each. Each slice comes with a ballot to vote. Excellent coffee, tea and spring water will also be available, donated by our wonderful community sponsor The Belfast Co-op.

Anyone may enter a pie for prizes. All types of pies are welcome; sweet or savory, pizza or whoopee as long as they are pies and home-made. Because of allergies, a complete list of ingredient should accompany all pies. It wouldn’t hurt our feelings if you brought more than one pie.

General pie voting will include four categories; Best Pie Ever, Most Beautiful Pie, Most Unusual Pie and Yummy Mess. Special prizes and awards will also be given for best local ingredient pie; grown, gathered or caught. Winners in the four major categories will be heaped high with praises and handed a few good prizes.

After an opening song, or two, the festival will start with a lively and competitive whole-pie auction with fast-talking auctioneer Rosie Gerry.

Bring pies at noon on the day of the event. For more information on how to enter pies or to help with the event please go to facebook.com/WaldoCountyPieandStoryFestival or call Susan at 338-6140 or Jennifer at 338-6616.