Lincolnville Police Chief Ron Young has seen an increase of reported theft of property and car burglaries in Lincolnville during the past week.

Between Sept. 10 and Sept. 19, Young said, in a news release, that he is currently investigating six theft complaints that have been reported at various locations throughout the town.

Two of the complaints were thefts from automobiles, one a theft from a boat, two were property reported taken from residential homes, in addition to cash in a locked cash box from a roadside stand. Items taken from vehicles were electronics, two Ipods and a wallet. The vehicles had been parked in separate recreation areas when the items were taken from the unlocked vehicles. Cash and equipment were stolen in the other thefts.

Chief Young reported his department also received four reported burglary complaints during the month of August, which remain under investigation.

Young recommends citizens lock their vehicles and discourages leaving valuables such as cash, electronics or CDs in the vehicle or where they would be obviously detectible.

Anyone with information regarding the theft or burglary crimes is urged to contact him at Lincolnville Police Department at 763-3555.