Busline League middle school fall sports action has been going on at a torrid pace along the Midcoast in recent days with boys, girls and coed soccer games, along with golf matches and cross-country meets, moving to the forefront for the young student-athletes.

In Busline League boys and girls soccer, there are North and South Divisions. The North includes Oceanside Middle School 8th grade of Thomaston, Medomak Middle School of Waldoboro, Searsport District Middle School, Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast, Camden-Rockport Middle School. The South includes Jefferson Village School, Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta, Boothbay Region Elementary School, Oceanside Middle School 7th grade, Wiscasset Middle School and Woolwich.

The Busline League coed soccer squads include Bristol, South Bristol, Vinalhaven, Camden-Rockport 7th grade, Camden-Rockport 6th grade, Appleton Village School, Lincolnville Central School, Nobleboro and Hope Elementary School.

The Busline League field hockey teams include Oceanside, Boothbay, Troy Howard, Great Salt Bay and Camden-Rockport.

The Busline League cross-country squads are Oceanside, Great Salt Bay, Searsport, Lincolnville, Camden-Rockport, Appleton, Medomak, Islesboro Central School, Troy Howard and Boothbay.

Coaches of all fall sports, including football and field hcokey, can report middle school results by emailing Courier Publications at sports@villagesoup.com or by calling 594-4401, extension 116.

The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Girls soccer

Oceanside 3, Camden-Rockport 3

At Thomaston Sept. 17, the Mariners and Schooners resolved nothing over two halves and two five-minute overtimes, thus, settled for a stalemate.

Charlotte Messer scored all three goals for the visiting Schooners, while Sydney Hall tallied two goals for the Mariners and Kelsey Brooks one.

Messer opened the scoring less than a minute into the game and scored again three minutes later to put the visitors ahead 2-0, but Oceanside rallied to knot the score with two tallies before halftime.

Messer gave CRMS the lead again in the second half but, again, the Mariners responded. Cassie Butler (6 saves) played in net for Oceanside and Julia Holt in goal for Camden-Rockport.

"Once again it was a hard-fought game in the middle with each team having many great chances to score," said Oceanside coach Peter Mitchell, who added, "Cassie played very well, making some key saves to help keep us in the game. Our defense stepped up big time, led by Jenna Conant, Sierra Beal, Rachelle Thompson, Meredith Mitchell and Jillian Brooks.

"I heard [Camden-Rockport] coach [Alex] Arau ask his girls at one point, "Isn't this fun?" and I would agree it was."

Searsport 3, Medomak 2 (OT)

At Searsport Sept. 17, the Vikings scored the game-winner in overtime to pick up the victory over the Riverhawks.

Taylor Smith and Morgan Smith each notched goals for the visitors, while Nicole Obuchon and Chelsea Ripley made a combined eight saves for MMS. Information on Searsport was unavailable.

Medomak 4, Troy Howard 1

At Waldoboro Sept. 14, the Riverhawks soared to victory over the visiting Lions of Belfast.

Alika McMurrin scored twice to lead MMS, while Taylor Smith and Maggie Ryan also creased the net for the winners. Chelsea Ripley made five saves in goal for the hosts.

Information for Troy Howard was unavailable.

Camden-Rockport 11, Searsport 2

At Camden Sept. 14, the Schooners held a comfortable first-half lead and added five unanswered goals in the second half to sail to the victory over the Vikings.

Messer scored four goals, while Emily Blackwell added three; Izzy Gutheinz, two; and Emily Bowen and Emma Brownawell, each one. Mikaela Alley scored one of Searsport's two goals on the day (the name of the other Viking goal scorer was unavailable).

Schooner coach Alex Arau said, " All the keepers played well with the Searsport keeper making over 20 saves, many on difficult shots."

Boys soccer

Medomak 4, Oceanside 0

At Thomaston Sept. 19, the Riverhawks shut out the host Mariners, prevailing by four goals.

Adam Eutsler, Zidane McMurrin, Maty Moore and Francisco Johnson all creased the net for the winners, while Nick Grover earned the shutout in goal for MMS. The visitors fired 21 shots in the win.

Camden-Rockport 5, Oceanside 1

At Thomaston Sept. 17, the Mariners scored first, but it was the Schooners who scored often en route to a four-goal victory.

Marshall Merriam recorded a hat trick for CRMS, while Simon Morin added two goals and one assist; Andrew Gross, three assists; and Tucker Grinnell, one assist. The name of Oceanside's goal scorer was unavailable.

Connor Davis and Maddison Jordan split time in net for Camden-Rockport.

Medomak 5, Searsport 3

At Searsport Sept. 17, the Riverhawks soared past the host Vikings to secure their fourth victory. MMS fired 36 shots on goal in the win.

Zidane McMurrin, Laken Harrington, Casey Libby, Maty Moore and Colby Wiley scored goals for the Riverhawks. Liam MacMillan tallied two goals for Searsport and Barrett Grant one.

Medomak 4, Troy Howard 2

At Waldoboro Sept. 14, the Riverhawks doubled up the visiting Lions of Belfast and to pick up the hard-fought victory.

McMurrin tallied two goals in the victory, while Casey Libby and Wyatt Post also scored and Kyle Donlin added an assist.

Information for Troy Howard was unavailable.

Camden-Rockport 3, Searsport 0

At Rockport Sept. 14, the Schooners blanked the visiting Vikings and prevailed by three goals.

Simon Morin scored two goals for CRMS, while Marshall Merriam added one goal and Tucker Grinnell and Devin Vangel each one assist. Lucas Boetsch made eight saves in goal for CRMS, while Searsport's keeper, whose name was unavailable, made 17 saves. The hosts outshot the visitors 28-11.

Camden-Rockport 10, Troy Howard 1

At Belfast Sept. 12, the Schooners scored almost at will against the host Lions and came away with a nine-goal victory.

Merriam scored a goal and also logged two assists, while also contributing to the Schooner offense were Connor Donovan (2 goals), Boetsch (goal, 2 assists), Elliot Matlack (2 goals), Devin Vangel (goal, 2 assists), Matt Morse (goal), Zachary Collins (goal, assist), Andrew Gross (goal) and Maddison Jordan (assist).

Perrin Bonner-Ganter scored the lone goal for Troy Howard.

Jordan and Connor Davis combined to make four saves in net for the Schooners, while CRMS outshot THMS 19-10.

Coed soccer

Lincolnville 6, South Bristol 1

At South Bristol Sept. 19, the Lynx continued to impress on the pitch with a five-goal victory over the Mariners.

Morgan Mercier scored two goals for Lincolnville, while Kieran Lydon, Jesse Goodale, Avery Grindle and Gabby Englander each scored one goal in the win. Jacson Mooers played in net for the Lynx.

Hope 5, Bristol 1

At Hope Sept. 19, the Hawks soared to a four-goal victory over the visiting Blue Devils.

Bryce Tyler scored two goals to lead Hope, while Max Pushaw and Joah Welt each had a goal and an assist and Will Davee one goal.

Hope 7, Camden-Rockport (6th) 0

At Camden Sept. 17, the Hawks soared to a convincing win over the host Schooners.

Max Pushaw led the scoring with a goal and two assists, while Bryce Tyler and Joah Welt each added a goal and an assist and Aiden Roberts, Braydon Swan and Bella Merrill, all one goal.

Lincolnville 5, Nobleboro 0

At Lincolnville Sept. 14, the Lynx went on a scoring barrage in the first half and blanked the visiting Lions.

Morgan Mercier, Dawson Allen, Kieran Lydon, Mya Wiley and Avery Grindle scored for Lincolnville, while Jacson Mooers and Lydon split time in net for the hosts to earn the shutout.

Camden-Rockport (7th) 4, South Bristol 1

At Camden Sept. 14, the Schooners sailed to a three-goal victory over the visiting Mariners.

Megan Gallagher scored all four goals for CRMS, while the name of South Bristol's scorer was unavailable. Schooner defenders were "impermeable" and Gallagher's teammates "demonstrated great ball control and passing," said CRMS coach Kristin Nelson.


Camden-Rockport 8, Wiscasset 2

At Megunticook Golf Club Sept. 13, the Schooners bested the visiting Warriors. Schooner coach Kim Chatfield said both he and Warrior coach Bob Sommers "were very pleased with the level of play and a number of the matches came down to the last hole."

The individual results, with Schooner players listed first, were: Cole Anderson lost to Grant Hefler, 3-down; James Orne lost to Hefler, 1-down; Austin Charkowick beat Wade Reed, 2-up; Conor O'Dwyer beat Alex Taylor, 1-up; Andrew Orne beat Levi McAtee, 3-up; Sam Conlan beat McAtee, 2-up; Geoff West beat Glade Bloom, 3-up; Emmett Acosta beat Bloom, 1-up; Zach Dorr beat Kendra Belefleur, 3-up; and James Lynch beat Belefleur, 3-up.


At Thomaston Sept. 13, one of the first meets of the season started with a bang for several Busline League teams, with the Camden-Rockport girls and Boothbay boys posting team victories.

Camden-Rockport's Emma Trapani won the girls race with a time of 16 minutes and 27 seconds, while Boothbay's Joey Paolillo won the boys race with a time of 15:10.

The girls team scores were: 1, Camden-Rockport, 23; 2, Boothbay, 57; 3, Oceanside, 77; 4, Lincolnville, 113; 5, Searsport, 114; 6, Medomak, 178; 7, Appleton, 201; 8, Great Salt Bay, 215; and Islesboro and Troy Howard, no score.

The boys team scores were: 1, Boothbay, 46; 2, Camden-Rockport, 61; 3, Lincolnville, 68; 4, Troy Howard, 75; 5, Searsport, 127; 6, Oceanside, 136; 7, Great Salt Bay, 181; and Islesboro, Medomak and Appleton, no score.

The individual esults from the girls race included: 1, Trapani, CR, 16:27; 2, Augusta Stockman, CR, 16:38; 3, Brianna White-Ortiz, Ocean, 16:46; 4, Faith Blethen, Booth, 16:48; 5, Annika Rogers, Isles, 17:24; 6, Katie Morse, CR, 17:28; 7, Emily Kessel, CR, 17:35; 8, Beatrice Weinand, Ocean, 17:36; 9, Helen Hamblett, Booth, 17:48; 10, Alli Wells, CR, 17:50; 11, Kristina Kelly, LCS, 17:52; 12, Eve Gutheinz, CR, 18:01; 13, Sarah Spizzuoco, CR, 18:13; 14, Paige Ireland, Sears, 18:14; 15, Willow Beavis, Booth, 18:24; 16, Olivia Paolillo, Booth, 18:28; 17, Lincoln Hamblett, Booth, 18:28; 18, Hope Bifulco, CR, 18:30; 19, Danielle Ladd, Ocean, 18:37; 20, Maddie Holt, CR, 18:39; 21, Alexis Rozsahegyi, CR, 18:41; 22, Lauren Rothwell, CR, 18:54; 23, Grace Underhill, LCS, 19:17; 24, Eliza Brown, CR, 19:19; 25, Mary Brenna Catus, Sears, 19:20; 26, Evy Case, Booth, 19:21; 27, Brenna Brown, Sears, 19:23; 28, Katie Heavey, CR, 19:25; 29, Sumir Mahonen, Ocean, 19:25; 30, Emily Davis, Ocean, 19:50; 31, Naomi Kihn, Med, 19:51; 32, Madeline McLellan, Booth, 19:53; 33, Audrey Heriz-Smith, AVS, 19:53; 34, Emily Morse, MCS, 19:57; 35, Myla Hanson, LCS, 19:57; 36, Kaitlyn Kessel, CR, 19:58; 37, Miranda Marsh, CR, 20:04; 38, Grace Olsen, CR, 20:06; 39, Haley Brown, Sears, 20:10; 40, Rose O'Brien, LCS, 20:21; 41, Audrey Walker, Sears, 20:27; 42, Kerry Ettinger, CR, 20:30; 43, Olivia Ellis, Sears, 20:36; 44, Cassie Donald, Sears. 20:38; 45, Mercedes Philbrook, TH, 20:46; 46, Lily Gaul, CR, 20:49; 47, Emily Long, CR, 20:50; 48, Audrey Clement, 20:51; 49, Ashley Kenniston, Medomak, 20:52; 50, Acadia Calderwood, Med, 20:58; Lindsey Holte, CR, 20:57; 52, Sarah Brennan, CR, 21:02; 53, Sophie Moore, CR, 21:21; 54, Mary Reid, GSB, 21:56; 55, Sadie Thompson, Ocean, 22:04; 56, Sierra King, Ocean, 22:04; 57, Ainsley Meklin, Ocean, 22:04; 58, Esther Martin, GSB, 22:06; 59, Lydia Blaisdell, AVS, 2:07; 60, Thalia Eddybluin, GSB, 22:09; 61, Alyssa Blackler, Med, 22:18; 62, Alaina Bissett, Med, 22:21; 63, Reyna McPhee, Med, 22:27; 64, Natalie Owre, AVS, 23:15; 65, Vivian Robinson-Fisher, AVS, 23:57; 66, Maya Blaisdell, AVS, 23:58; 67, Alley Johnson, LCS, 24:01; 68, Abby Teel, Booth, 24:31; 69, Lexie Lane, Booth, 24:32; 70, Emily Lau, Isles, 24:33; 71, Maya Bailey, GSB, 26:09; 72, Alexis Davison, Booth, 28:00; 73, Madison Philbrick, Sears, 28:36; 74, Alexis Loring, Sears, 29:02; 75, Shay Runnion-Bareford, Isles, 29:17; 76, Ann Teele, GSB, 29:49; and 77, Taylor Tremblay, AVS, 30:10.

The individual results from the boys race included: 1, Paolillo, Booth, 15:10; 2, Caleb Love-Webb, CR, 15:15; 3, Kyle Ames, Booth, 15:21; 4, Zane Bielenberg, TH, 15:51; 5, Cooper Russell, CR, 15:56; 6, Anthony Moore, Ocean, 16:03; 7, Kyle Wood, LCS, 16:12; 8, Blake Erhard, Booth, 16:17; 9, Devin Fairbrother, Sears, 16:21; 10, Ricky Smith, TH, 16:22; 11, Jay Hasch, Booth, 16:32; 12, Nathaniel Von Lonkhuysen, CR, 16:35; 13, Drew Kelly, LCS, 16:36; 14, Sam Russ, GSB, 16:36; 15, Eric Andrews, LCS, 16:36; 16, Mike Kremin, LCS, 16:36; 17, Hayden Thibeault, LCS, 16:47; 18, Brendan Moline, TH, 16:48; 19, Corey Deschamps, TH, 16:49; 20, Theo Penney, CR, 16:54; 21, Maxwell Webster, Sears, 17:01; 22, Noah Erskine, CR, 17:05; 23, Alex Spearin, AVS, 17:06; 24, Sam Burnham, Booth, 17:07; 25, Jack Moody, AVS, 17:13; 26, Sam Spectre, TH, 17:40; 27, Liam Haining, CR, 17:48; 28, Tyler Bilodeau, CR, 17:53; 29, Cedar Andrus, CR, 17:56; 30, Trevor Martell, TH, 18:09; 31, Miles Martin, Sears, 18:10; 32, Josh Goldrup, Med, 18:14; 33, Gal Gilat, CR, 18:15; 34, Jacob O'Connor, Ocean, 18:16; 35, Alex Mahar, Ocean, 18:19; 36, Patrick Corcoran, Ocean, 18:25; 37, Will LaBrecque, Booth, 18:40; 38, Andrew Lavin, Sears, 18:46; 39, Holden Clapp, Sears, 18:48; 40, Desmond Cayouette, CR, 18:49; 41, Sam Betts, Booth, 18:51; 42, Trevor Iltis, CR, 18:55; 43, Simon O'Shea, Ocean, 18:59; 44, Brett Hollowell, Booth, 19:00; 45, Bayly Gaughan, Booth, 19:08; 46, Will Berry, Booth, 19:19; 47, Graham Bryer, Booth, 19:22; 48, Josiah Martin, GSB, 19:26; 49, Nicholas LeClerc, CR, 19:29; 50, Ian Moriaty, CR, 20:04; 51, Ben Jacobs, GSB, 20:09; 52, Griffin Kane, Booth, 20:12; 53, Rick Hilscher, Booth, 20:33; 54, Nick Farris, TH, 20:41; 55, Cyrus Staples, Sears, 20:44; 56, Damian Hebert, Sears, 20:47; 57, Riley Colby, Sears, 20:48; 58, Tristan Black, LCS, 20:49; Jacob Morton, Booth, 20:51; 60, Jonathan Runnion-Bareford, Isles, 20:55; 61, Seth Yates, CR, 20:58; 62, Noah Thomas, TH, 20:59; 63, Colin Stewart, AVS, 21:04; 64, August Gray, AVS, 21:29; 65, Thomas Wriggins, GSB, 21:50; 66, William Bickford, TH, 21:54; 67, Emanuel Tung, Ocean, 22:39; 68, Colin Cabrera, Booth, 22:54; 69, Billy Murrietta, LCS, 22:59; 70, Adrian Phaenephom, Medomak, 23:24; 71, Thaddeus Murphy, CR, 23:24; 72, Austin Teele, GSB, 23:50; 73, Liam Cullina, Booth, 24:02; 74, Logan Wheeler, Med, 24:03; 75, Jonah Daiute, GSB, 24:04; 76, Tyler Bowman, Med, 24:05; 77, Devon Lammert, CR, 24:12; 78, Tylor Curtis, TH, 24:47; 79, Nick Labonte, Booth, 24:49; and 80, John Orestis, CR, 24:50.

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