Courier Publications reporters and editors came up with a list of questions for candidates based in part on concerns raised by members of the public in "Heard on the Street" interviews. The questions were posed to candidates via email.

Democrat Lloyd S. Chase of Liberty is running for the House of Representatives in District 44 covering Appleton, Hope, Islesboro, Liberty, Lincolnville, Morrill and Searsmont. The seat is being vacated by Andy O'Brien; Republican Jethro D. Pease of Morrill also is seeking the seat.

Chase originally is from Caribou in Aroostook County and has lived with his wife Pam in Liberty for the past 11 years. They have two adult children — a son, 38, and a daughter, 35.

Chase served in the U.S. Navy from 1966-70, including service in Vietnam in 1969. He also served with the Maine Air National Guard for nine years while working a civilian job.

Chase worked for Delta Air Lines, retiring in 2002 after 30 years of service as a team leader and the last seven years as a station manager. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Ricker College in Houlton.


Why are you running?

I am running for the Maine House of Representatives because I feel that we need to restore some balance to state government — during the past 2 years the current administration has had an agenda of cutting taxes for the wealthy and cutting services for the middle class and the most needy in our society. This has been done through forcing through a tax cut that favors the wealthy and pension reform that negatively affects state workers and teachers and retirees. I feel that we need to get away from the partisan politics and negative tone, cooperate and compromise and actually get some positive things done for Maine families.


What government services, if any, do you feel should be privatized?

One opportunity to privatize government services or create a public/private partnership may be to look at Department of Conservation facilities, small state parks and rest areas to see if we could allow small commercial operations in exchange for the private entity assuming responsibility for maintenance and staffing.


What services do you feel need to be protected from budget cuts?

I feel that we need to protect the environment and should protect the Department of Conservation and Forestry from budget cuts. I also feel that we need to support public education and should stop the erosion of funding and diverting of funds to public schools.


What services that are private now should be taken on by the government?

Editor's note: Chase did not respond to the question.


Mitt Romney has proposed kicking Medicaid costs back to the states to administer and cutting federal funds for them. Would you support this plan, and how do you think it would impact state government and taxes?

I would not support any plan that would cut federal Medicaid funds — we need to support the provisions under the Affordable Care Act to provide quality, affordable healthcare to all of our citizens.


What is your position on womens' health issues including insurance coverage for contraceptives and the option of having abortions to terminate unwanted pregnancies?

I support the provisions under the Affordable Care Act that provide preventive healthcare and screening, including insurance coverage for contraceptives. I am pro-choice, and respect a woman’s right to choose.


We have seen a push, particularly from Republicans, for more showing of identification at the polls. What are your thoughts on balancing the need for preventing voter fraud with the need to provide access to citizens wishing to vote?

I am not in favor of any further restriction on access for citizens to vote at the polls — studies have been done and prove that there is very little voter fraud. I believe that this is an attempt to restrict or discourage some people from exercising this most important right.


Why aren't there more jobs?

Editor's note: Chase did not respond to the question.

What would you do for those seeking to start businesses and create jobs?

Many manufacturing jobs have gone overseas and the federal government needs to help by not allowing tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas and providing tax incentives to companies that will start up new business or hire local people. We need to support local efforts in the creative economy, local agriculture and new start-ups.


How would you address the challenge of providing higher education for low and middle-income young people who cannot afford college without massive loans?

I feel that we need to support the University of Maine and community college system, but I also believe that we should have a system of public service in exchange for a 2-year college education. This would have to be a partnership between the federal government, state government, and state and federal agencies, where a student would be provided the education for 2 years, with a commitment to serve in one of these agencies, possibly based on the field of study.


How can we help Maine people transition from traditional energy sources, particularly for heat, to renewable sources?

We need to continue to support programs that promote the transition to renewable energy sources, such as low cost loans, conservation, alternate sources of energy — wind, solar, tidal power.


What should be done to protect Maine's environment and resources? Is this issue a priority for you as a candidate?

We need to protect Maine’s environment and natural resources through programs within the Department of Conservation and Forestry and this is a priority for me as a candidate.


Do you support state government buying more land to preserve it as state parks?

I do not support the state government buying more land to preserve it as state parks, but we do need to ensure that efforts within our state park system are working toward preserving these assets for Maine’s future.


Where do you stand on campaign financing?

I am running my campaign as a clean election candidate. It is a great system, started in Maine in 1996, and a similar system should be used in federal elections.


What should be done about the state's welfare programs including disability benefits, MaineCare, and substance abuse treatment subsidies?

Department of Health and Human Services programs that help the truly needy, disabled and children’s protective services should be protected during any budget negotiations.


Do you support allowing gay marriage in Maine?

Editor's note: Chase did not respond to the question.

How do you feel the Tea Party movement has affected local, state and federal politics and policy decisions?

Editor's note: Chase did not respond to the question.