The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Sept. 20 and Sept. 26, 2012.


Marie L. Bradley Living Trust to David Onyons.

Rann D. Nichols and Renn D. Clapp to Renn D. Clapp.

Lois M. Jacovino to Justin J. Moody and Heather M. Moody.


A. Delaine Nye to Helena Warbasse Melone.


Clayton Rancourt Jr. and colleen Rancourt to Danielle L. Rancourt.

Horace L. White Estate to Deedra R. David, David E. White and Darryl L. White.

Catherine E. Donovan to Caesar L. Nunez and Debra S. Nunez.


Lawrence Hotham and Laurence Hotham to Wilson G. Hess and Eleanor B. Hess.

Lawrence Hotham to Wilson G. Hess and Eleanor B. Hess.


Cozy Cove Properties LLC to John G. Preis Jr. and Marjorie W. Preis.


Mark W. Serber to Mark W. Serber and Nadine E. Serber.

Edna A. Monhart to Jane L. Monhart and Curt J. Monhart.

Bangor Savings Bank to Jane Jordan.


Liza B. Pedrick Living Trust to Dameron A. Stoddard, Donald Stoddard Webster and Lee Kerby Webster.


Laura B. Wade and Laura Kee Wade to Matthew S. Albert and Christine S. Albert.


Camden National Bank to Robert M. Marcus and Amy Ritzhaupt-Marcus.


Anastasia Petryczka to Nancy Cole.

United States Power Fund LP to Penobscot Natural Gas Co. Inc.


Curtis W. Larrabee to Anthony C. Gross.

Lawrence R. Light and Michael J. Light to Kenneth Carreras and Judy C. Carreras.


Charley G. and Pearl H. Forrest Living Trust to Charlene G. Forrest.

Charley G. and Pearl H. Forrest Living Trust to Penelope L. Southerland.


Brian S. Pratt to Peter W. Pratt and Nancy W. Pratt.

Nicole K. Giggey to Gregory R. Ingraham and Shirley M. Ingraham.


Alice M. Kirby to Glenn Smith.


Town of Winterport to Eurene E. Herrin and Ruth L. Herrin.

Stephanie C. Francis and Stephanie DiMonaco to Stephanie C. Francis and Mark R. Francis.