The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Sept. 27 and Oct. 3, 2012.


Andy & Pat Norton Family Trust to Patrick Santiago and Mary Joan Santiago.


Malcolm G. Page to Mary L. Page.


Lewis S. Philbrick to Renee L. Dillingham.


Shawn Raven to Matthew J. Raven and Kirsten A. Raven.


Martina B. Albright to Albright-Bernstein West Bay Road Realty Trust.

Eastridge Inc. to Emma Katherine Bleasdale.


Janice Jonas to Sandra L. Story, Kenwood Lawrence Gordon, Norman Roderick Gordon, Melissa Doughty, Melanie Gordon, Owen Everett Libby and Elise Gordon-Libby Bridge.


Edward C. Penney to Walter Lamont and Anne Lamont.

Phyllis E. York to Katherine M. Moran.

Dennis L. Moonan and Pamela S. MacBrayne to Denis L. Moonan Trust and Pamela S. MacBrayne Trust.


Rolf Christiansen Estate to James m. Achadinha and Clifford G. Garvey.

Jerry V. Robbins Jr. to Mary A. Robbins.


Forest E. Harford and Jenese C. Harford to Justin E. Harford and Kyra A. Harford.


Claire L. Vongrimmenstein to Claire L. Vongrimmenstein, David George Downey and Daniel Gregory Downey.

Dennis Weeks to William R. Cichocki III.

F. Allison Ham to Judith Z. Ham Estate.


Timothy Votta to Timothy Votta and Tamara J. Keane.

Morrisson Edward Horridge Jr. and Jane Doreen Horridge to Michael S. Paradis and Kimberly A. Paradis.

Michael S. Paradis and Kimberly A. Paradis to Michael S. Paradis.

LXS 2005-7N, Victor Corbin and Ellen M. Corbin to LXS 2005-7N.


Jeanne T. Rimm to Sandra Lee Crabtree.

Edward A. Dodge to Edward A. Dodge and Charlene R. Dodge.


Glenn M. Nadeau to Thomas W. Perkins Jr.

Ruby L. Clark Estate to Cheryl Remillard.

Ruby L. Clark Estate to Wayne Lucas.

Ruby L. Clark Estate to Dennis Wood and Patsy Wood.

Ethel Bradley Moody and Ethel B. Moody to Sandra Cirillo.

Kathleen A. Canning to Christine S. Cronin.

Sharron P. Walsh to James A. Stevenson and Bernadette O. Stevenson.


Michael F. Leslie to Clyde A. Tarr Jr. and Paula M. Tarr.

Staples Family Revocable Living Trust to Larry E. McKeen and Diana P. McKeen.


Cindy L. Danchak Living Trust to Alphonse R. Pageau and Elizabeth E. Pageau.



Alice N. Trott to David H. Stover and Dianne L. St. Hilaire.

Martin E. Keresey and Brenda M. Keresy to Walter E. Harding and Vanessa Lynn Harding.

Town of Troy to Stephen Governo.

Town of Troy to Raymond Rayeski.

Town of Troy to Eugene Bishop and Sylvia Bishop.

Charles L. Bailey to Marilyn F. Bailey.

Susan F. Dixon to Marilyn F. Bailey.


William H. Roope Jr. and Deborah L. Roope to Matthew Cooper and Ashley Cooper.

Sheila C. Kennedy to Stanley J. Polanski and Sheila C. Kennedy.

Dennis M. Whitcomb and Shirley R. Whitcomb to William R. Bruschi.

Nomura Home Equity Loan Inc., Kenneth L. Richards and Constance Richards to Nomura Home Equity Loan Inc.

Pauline A. Trigger to Roger Johnson.