I have lived in Winterport since 1998. I am public administrator. I was born June, 27, 1940, in Bangor.

I graduated from John Bapst High School, 1958; University of Maine, Bachelor of Arts in Town and City Management '62-'66; and University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Master of Government Administration, '66-'67.

I live at 23 The Landing Lane in Winterport. I have been married 48 years to Khristine LaChance, a retired educator. I have two sons, a daughter and two granddaughters. I have three brothers: Richard, Michael & Paul and a sister, Connie.

While in the army three years,1959-1962, I was a Nike Hercules Missile Repair Specialist 5.

Why are you running?

I am running because I think we need to be more fiscally responsible and reduce the size of government as a whole and give more power to our local governments.

What government services, if any, do you feel should be privatized?

No government services should be privatized. We need to make them more efficient.

What services do you feel need to be protected from budget cuts?

All services must be protected, prioritized and budgeted within the current revenue estimates.

What services that are private now should be taken on by the government?

I do not believe the government should undertake any new services at this time.

Mitt Romney has proposed kicking Medicaid costs back to the states to administer and cutting federal funds for them. Would you support this plan, and how do you think it would impact state government and taxes?

I will insist on balancing Maine's budget within its means and set priorities for everyday Maine people.

What is your position on women's health issues, including insurance coverage for contraceptives and the option of having abortions to terminate unwanted pregnancies?

Life must be respected from conception to natural death. Taking the life of a fetus should not be permitted, except for legitimate defense of the mother's life.

We have seen a push, particularly from Republicans, for more identification at the polls. What are your thoughts on balancing the need for preventing voter fraud with the need to provide access to citizens wishing to vote?

The voting systems should permit all who present themselves to vote. Maine has a great voting system.

Why aren't there more jobs?

That is a very complex task for for all of us — businesses, government, including education, and employees, to solve. The state should lead our efforts to find successful solutions for all of us.

What would you do for those seeking to start businesses and create jobs?

The government should volunteer to partner with those seeking to start a new business, but it should not subsidize a new business startup to the disadvantage of competing businesses.

How would you address the challenge of providing higher education for low- and middle-income young people who cannot afford college without massive loans?

Our educational leadership, in cooperation with employers, ought to establish minimum skills and knowledge for specific jobs; and they should issue diplomas for those jobs.

How can we help Maine people transition from traditional energy sources, particularly for heat, to renewable sources?

The state and the UMS should conduct research and publish information on how to save all forms of energy.

What should be done to protect Maine's environment and resources? Is this issue a priority for you as a candidate?

A healthy and sustainable environment is very important objective that the state has a responsibility to protect and preserve. Our understanding of the benefits and consequences of our actions environmentally is very important to the preservation of Maine's ecosystems.

Do you support state government buying more land to preserve it as state parks or local farmlands?

I do not support the state buying, accepting or zoning more land for State Parks or farm lands; and it should not provide tax breaks to private land trusts.

Where do you stand on campaign financing?

The sources of campaign financing should be fully disclosed.

What should be done about the state's welfare programs including disability benefits, MaineCare, and substance abuse treatment subsidies?

All services must be protected, prioritized and budgeted within the current revenue estimates.

Do you support allowing gay marriage in Maine?


How do you feel the Tea Party movement has affected local, state and federal politics and policy decisions?

The ideologies of the Tea Party, like the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and Maine Independent Green Party, help us gauge the feelings of constituents and the population as a whole.