The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Oct. 18 and Oct. 24, 2012.


Ann G. Babbitt and John A. Babbitt to Walter J. Boguslawski and Suzanne P. Boguslawski.

Mark Gardiner and Suzanne Gardiner to Courtney Collins.

David B. Burger and Dierdre M. Burger to Sharron P. Walsh.

Stephanie C. Keswick to Stephanie C. Keswick Revocable Real Estate Trust.


Brad A. Eden and Joann S. Eden to Zachary A. Phillips.

Debra Isdal-Giroux to Daniel Joseph Quillia and Deborah Lee Quillia.

Joseph D. Gallant Jr. to Joseph D. Gallant Jr., Judith A. Gallant, Brett T. Bissonnette and Derek J. Bissonette.


Suit Yourself International Inc. to Debra Spencer.


Evelyn G. Castner to Richard M. Philbrook.


Ralph O. Bachelor to Ralph L. Bachelor.

Joan A. Anderson Estate to Valerie A. Smith.


James C. Clayton and Lauralee Clayton to James C. Clayton Trust and Lauralee Clayton Trust.

William A. O'Brien and Nicole E. Maynard to Scott M. Browning and Julianna A. Browning.


Susan R. Mayne to Frederick M. Cowles.

Nancy M. Richardson to Britni R. Lundgren and Matthew R. Smith.


Charlotte Veronesi to Edwin Veronesi.

Edwin Veronesi to Charlotte Veronesi.


Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Lassell J. Henry.


Edgar Bonin to Jon Poto.

Timothy L. Anderson and Julia Sullivan Anderson to Robert M. Fargey and Trudy F. Miller.


Michael D. Grassi and Ruth K. Baird to Eric A. Corpataux and Holly Flowers.

William J. Millette Estate to Mariann E. Millette.

Vernon Schmidt to Vernon W. Schmidt Living Trust.


Irving C. Rainey Sr. Estate to Susan M. Laskey.


Fred O. Dodge to Sandra L. Sharkey and Everard L. Dodge.

Jeffrey S. Bergdoll and Jeffrey E. Bergdoll to Rosemarie Diederick.


Sean Brian Banner, Donald Scott Banner and George Bruce Banner to Robert P. Small III.

Wilfred V. Grendell Jr., Ellen L. Grendell and Brenda Darlene Morton to Wilfred V. Grendell Jr. and Ellen L. Grendell.

Citimortgage Inc. and Alan K. Kenney to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.


Bangor Federal Credit Union and Gary W. Brewster Estate to Bangor Federal Credit Union.

Bank of America NA, Karen E. Schultz and Leo D. Schultz to Federal Home Loan Mortgaqe Association.

Stuart A. Hall and Ladonna J. Bruce to Kathleen Kann.

Samuel Fuller and Carol Fuller to Michael S. Fuller.

David Laing to Margaret Laing.

Rountree Family Trust to Diane L. Carsley.


Federal National Mortgage Association to Kyle Bishop.


Federal National Mortgage Association, Albert A. Brewer, Lisa M. brewer, Michael D. Brewer and Nancy J. Brewer to Federal National Mortgage Association.


Cindy Hubbard to Bridget M. Hubbard.

Joseph E. Reynolds to Gregory A. Brodek and Camille M. Brodek.


Arnold K. Connor and Dorothy A. Connor to Federal National Mortgage Association.


U.S. Bank National Association, Trustee and Frank G. Berenyi to U.S. Bank National Association, Trustee.

United States of America – HUD to PHH Mortgage Corporation.

PHH Mortgage Corporation to Robert C. Hussey and Nancy R. Hussey.

Barbara J. Flagg and Michael H. Flagg to Peter T. Christensen and Megan M. Christensen.

Town of Winterport to Dennis M. Whitcomb and Shirley R. Whitcomb.

Deanna L. Wade to Roger L. Bachelder and Jeannie M. Bachelder.

Barbara L. Daigle to Catina M. Simeoni.

Joseph A. Cardello and Penny Bohac-Cardello to Nicholas R. Oettinger and Brittany E. Oettinger.

TD Bank NA to REO Properties Two LP.