Residents voted 402 to 133 in favor of the plan to withdraw from Regional School Unit 20 and also voted to close the Frankfort Elementary School by a margin of 317 to 214 during the election Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Residents were asked two separate questions on the ballot — one to see if residents would approve the plan to withdraw from RSU 20 with the intention of joining Hampden-based RSU 22, and a second seeking voter approval to close the elementary school.

At past public meetings, RSU 20 Superintendent Brian Carpenter explained that the RSU 20 Board of Directors' vote to close the school came as the result of advice from attorney Dick Spencer of Drummond Woodsum and Maine Deputy Education Commissioner Jim Reier during discussions about the withdrawal process. That's when Carpenter learned that RSU 20 would still be responsible for the building, even if Frankfort residents opted to withdraw. By starting the process of closing the school, Carpenter said, the district would have time to submit the necessary paperwork to the state Department of Education that explains the rationale for the closure.