In a hotly contested race between Democratic incumbent Judge of Probate Susan Longley and Republican candidate Randy Mailloux, Longley came out on top by a vote of 11,216 to 9,255.

When reached by telephone, Wednesday, Nov. 7, Longley said she looks forward to four more years of working hard for Waldo County families.

"I'm honored and I hope to honor the families of Waldo County with good, hard work," Longley said.

Longley was elected judge of probate in 2005 and has held the position for the past eight years. She also served as the president of the Maine Probate Judge Assembly and as the Maine Supreme Court chief justice appointee on Maine’s Probate and Trust Law Advisory Commission.

From 1994-2002 Longley represented Waldo County in the State Senate, where she served on a committee responsible for writing Maine probate and family law.

Mailloux has practiced law for 34 years, during which time he has appeared in all state and county courts, and has argued cases before the Maine Supreme Court. In 1997, former Gov. Angus King appointed Mailloux judge of probate for Waldo County, a position in which he served for seven years.

In addition, Mailloux has also served as the past president of the Maine Probate Judges Assembly and was the state representative to the National College of Probate Judges. Currently, he serves on the Law Court’s advisory committee on Probate Forms and Rules.

Judges of probate serve for a four-year term unless they vacate the position, in which case the governor appoints a successor from the same party as the seated judge.

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