November 9, 1849

“Launched: On Saturday, from the yard of Master L. R. Palmer, a fine barque of about 500 tons burthen, called the Lillias. She is owned by James P. White, White & Conner, A. W. Johnson, Josiah Farrow, Capt. Phineas Pendleton, H. H. Johnson, and L. R. Palmer, – and is to be commanded by Capt. Phineas Pendleton. This barque is coppered, double-decked, and her cabin is large and well finished. She is a beautiful vessel and the utmost care has been taken in building her.”

November 6, 1879

“Mr. Little, the station agent in this city (Belfast), has had built, at the depot, a railing, behind which hackmen will be obliged to stand while soliciting passengers. It will be a great relief to travelers.”

November 11, 1909

“The city schools now close at 3 in the afternoon, instead of 3:30, on account of the poor light, and the noon hour has been shortened from an hour and a half to one hour, the afternoon session beginning at 12:30 instead of 1 as formerly.”

“The question of printing the second volume of Hon. Joseph Williamson’s History of Belfast very often comes up for discussion, and recently it was suggested that the Improvement Society and the History Class might push the work, and the gentleman making the suggestion said: ‘I would gladly give $10, and I think others would do the same.’”

November 12, 1953

The Crosby Footlights Club was presenting “Mistakes at the Blakes,” a three act comedy. In lead roles were Harriet Higer, Sue Wilke, Robert Gould and Carroll Flanders.

Playing at the Colonial Theater this week in 1953: “High Noon” starring Gary Cooper. It was billed as “the thrilling story of a man who was too proud to RUN!”

November 10, 1983

Belfast Area High School Earth Science teacher, Larry Greenleaf, was named Maine’s Teacher of the Year. After the announcement was made at a student assembly, Principal Denis Howard said, “In 15 years in this district, it was the most impressive assembly I’ve seen. I think it had to do with the tremendous respect they (the students) have for Mr. Greenleaf.”